Best Wood Floor Paint Review

Top 10 Best Wood Floor Paint Review With Buying Guide

Finally, the holidays are on! The long-promised vacation with your family is just about to make a kick-start. The soft ray of the sun is intruding in the beautiful room of your new farmhouse. Following the rays, your eyes suddenly got stuck on the floor.

Damn! What’s this? Is that a scratch on the floor? No, it’s a piece of the peeled color of your floor that you had just got painted last week. We bet now you’re regretting of not paying heed to that advice of putting the best wood floor paint on. But hold on a second, mate!

Things have not gone out of your hand yet, and we’re here to help you to get it all back on the track. What you need right now is the finest wood floor paint, and we’re just about to get you one.

List of the Best Wood Floor Paint – Editor’s Pick:

Before You Buy, What to Look for in a Wood Floor Paint?

Things that you buy with your cash can be divided into two different categories. One, for the long run and second, for the short run. Paints are something that you must put on the first category as they require a ton of cautiousness when you’re planning to swipe your card.

So, if you don’t want to get stuck into a blunder, then you better take your step a bit carefully. All you need to do is check out the following things in order to grab your best wooden floor paint.

  • Durable

When you’re thinking of getting your wood floor painted, you’re not expecting it to last till next Christmas, right? You need it to last longer, at least for a few years. So, you better pick one that can sustain up to your expectation.

If it can’t even survive minor scratches and all, then getting it will be nothing but a waste of your money.

  • Chemical Reactions

If you’re not new with wooden floors, then you probably know what kind of mess chemical reactions can cause. You might’ve to go for restoration, and the bill of that won’t show any mercy to your pocket. So, try to pick a paint that can keep that problem away from your woods.

  • Non-glossy or Glossy

No one knows what will suit your floor better. So, if you think that you want a floor shining like a knight’s armor, then go for glossy paints. But if you think it’s time to get out of that ‘shine’ circle, pick up a non-glossy one to get your floor a classic look.

  • Color

As we told you before, no one knows your floor better than you. But there’s a term called ‘Confusion’ that might not agree on it. In that case, you’re free to take some expert’s advice. But make sure that the color you’re choosing ain’t going to spoil the look of the room. Otherwise, it’ll double the hazards and the costing too.

  • Weatherproof

This one is more applicable when you’re roaming with a plan to get your deck or patio a paint job. It’s because they’re going to be open to all the external hazards in the world like rain and hard heating sun.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t pick the one with a weatherproof feature for floors within your home. Actually, that’ll get the bar of durability higher as well.

  • Odor

Imagine every time you enter your room, the odor of the paint gives you the feel like you wish you had no nose. Not sounding so pleasing, right? So, if you don’t want that for real, then grab a paint that won’t smell like an old rotten egg.

 Top 10 Best Wood Floor Paint Reviews

When you have too many options, confusion comes for free with them. But we don’t want you to roam confused in the row of colored gallons. So, we’ve got you the list of top 10 wood floor paints, and we believe you’re going to get your finest one here. Let’s start with the first one –

1. Montage Signature Paint

Transformations are beautiful, but only if you know the right way to pull that off. Are you lately having thought of doing the same to your wooden floor? Then Montage Signature Paint surely can make it a lot easier and better for you this time. All you need to do is pick your color.

If worries on coverage are what freak you out the most, then rest assured because this paint got it all under its wing by its superior coverage with smooth brushing. And protection? Thanks to the improved sealing technology, even your worse nightmares like mildew, mold, or moisture don’t stand a chance against it.

But is it any good for the long run? Well, once your surface catches this paint, you can simply forget about getting another paint job for years. But that’s not only for the interior. Regardless of wherever you’re putting it, it’ll keep the performance level high as always. Even for commercial use, you can pick it up with closed eyes.

Now, here comes the answer to your question on environmental and health protection. Like you, the manufacturers also believe that it’s high time to focus on safety again. So, along with ensuring high-quality material, they’ve kept it pollutant-free as well. Don’t worry, it goes through a ton of tests just to ensure that.


  • Keeps the coverage level high
  • Maximizes the protection against moistures and mold
  • Allows to brush smoothly and effortlessly
  • Perfectly versatile for both interior and exterior painting
  • Made of pollutant-free and high-quality material


  • The odor is not so pleasing

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2. KILZ L573611 Exterior Enamel

Do you know the ideal way to torture your eyes? Looking at your discolored deck should be enough for that. Want to change it? Well, then we think the L573611 Exterior Enamel from KILZ can help you out here, exactly in a way the best paint for wood floor boards would have.

It’s not on our list of bests just for one, but tons of reasons, and the first one is its superior durability. Once you paint the floor with it, you can kick away your thought of renewing that every single year. As a cherry on the top, its resistance to fading, cracking, cuffing, and peeling will keep the color simply evergreen.

If you’re not a fan of shining floors, then this acrylic paint will serve you perfectly with the low-luster enamel surface. Doesn’t matter which one you’re planning to color—from your floors, deck, porch, or patio siding—it can sustain on any of them. A fair share of thanks goes to its weatherproof nature for that as well.

But what about the coverage? Well, with just 1 gallon of this paint, you can cover up to 200-300 sq. ft. on the rough surface. But on the smooth one, even if the area is 300-400 sq. ft., it ain’t going to be a problem. And drying time? Just give it one hour, and it’ll get dry like a field in the summer before you know it.


  • Perfectly durable for the long run
  • Can sustain in variable weather conditions
  • Capable of covering a wide area easily
  • Resistant to fading, cracking, scuffing, and peeling
  • Gets dry within the shortest time


  • Not the right paint for driveways

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3.  Rust-Oleum 207000 Paint

So, are you still thinking about having that paint job on your sweet nest but fearing to end up with a spoiled floor? Then you can put it all on the safe side with 207000 Marine Coatings Paint from Rust-Oleum.

Looks like the manufacturer of this paint doesn’t like the “one-for-one” theory at all. Otherwise, why would they’ve made it so versatile that you can put it on any surface like wood or fiberglass? As a bonus, you’ve got the complete freedom to use it on metal too, but only if the part is above the waterline.

Thanks to its Oil-based formula that has made it so flexible that no matter wherever you’re applying it on, you’ll get nothing but excellent leveling. So, if you were worrying about getting that harsh feeling after painting, then you can have it, but in your dreams.

Rather than eating up much of your time, this amazing paint will take 1-2 hours to dry up. Don’t consider it as the only feature it’s holding within to impress you. Count its perfect coverage on that list as well. You believe in numbers more? Then, it’s 100 sq ft.

But what’s going to make it last long? The durable coating has got your back here. Abrasion, extreme weather conditions, or UV waves – you just name it, and it’ll save your floor like an invisible soldier from any of them.


  • Can be applied over different surfaces
  • Comes with a decent coverage
  • Protects against different weather, abrasion, and UV-ray
  • Ensures the excellent leveling every time
  • Equipped with a fast-drying feature


  • A little expensive compared to some competitors

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 4. Liquid Rubber Polyurethane Coating

Doesn’t matter how great the floor’s wood is, a wrong choice of color is just more than enough to ruin the view. But Liquid Rubber doesn’t want you to go through that horrifying experience. So, they’ve come up with the smooth Polyurethane Coating to get you out the paradox of confusion.

Due to being the high-performance polyurethane coating, this bad boy is capable of surviving almost anything. If you were looking for something durable, hard, and waterproof, then this is what can cover it all up. As a bonus, it comes with excellent UV stability. So, time might fade away, but the color won’t.

You’re thinking about putting it on deck or dock, concrete or wood, indoor or outdoor floor? Then relax, it won’t lose its grip from any of them. But what about pool decks, non-corroded metal structures, fences, baseboards? Don’t worry, there’s nothing it can’t keep up with.

But what about the application method? Is it going to be hassling as well? Wipe that sweat of worry out. Whatever you use to apply it like a brush, roller, or sprayer, it can go with any of it. The good news is, you won’t even need to go for any mixing. Each of the gallons should be enough to cover up to 100 sq ft.


  • Can be applied over almost any surface
  • The durability level is amazingly high
  • Comes with excellent UV stability
  • Easy to apply through any painting tool
  • Capable of sustaining harsh weather


  • Not the cheapest coating

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5. FIXALL Skid Grip Paint

Having a slippery floor is nothing but a perfect synonym of headache, especially when you have it in your own house. You just never know when someone is going to fall into an accident and get injured. But the Skid Grip Paint of FIXALL can fix that up.

With the name, you’ve already understood that what this paint is meant to do. This acrylic textured paint is capable of converting any floor into a skid-resistant one. Once you put it on, its high-grip finish will kill every chance of you falling on your floor.

Hold on a second! There’s more to come. When you’re planning to paint any step, ramp, patio, pool deck, driveway, basketball court, or playground, it still can keep its game up. And colors? There’s a ton of options waiting for you there.

Another aspect the manufacturer has added to this paint is its ease of application. Regardless of whether you’re using a brush or roller to paint your surface, it can simply keep up with any of them. Once you’re done with the painting, its color-fade resistance is going to keep your floor just like day one for years.


  • Makes the floor skid-resistant
  • Can be used on a wide variety of surfaces
  • Available in a lot of colors
  • Comes with a color-fade resistance feature
  • Highly convenient to apply on any surface


  • Not for people who are looking for shiny anti-skid paint

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6. Jolie Paint Matte Finish

How many times did it happen like you’ve bought colors but ended up with tons of leftovers? It’s not your fault. The lack of versatility in the paint is what to be blamed for. But Jolie Paint thought of changing that a bit and gave their Matte Finish paint maximum versatility. But there’s more to this story.

So far, you probably have seen paints that need a lot of prep before you jump in for the final application. But like a drop on the beat, this ain’t going to ask for any prep with sanding or priming. All you need to do is open it up and get started with your brush. And drying? Giving it just 30 minutes will be more than enough.

Want to know the best part? Once your paint is dry, no matter how much dirt is catching it, simple soap and water are enough to clean it up. This means a simple wiping can make it as good as new again.

Have you heard about all those health issues that regular paints with harmful elements cause? But the non-toxic and low VOC feature of this paint is not going to let any of that happen to you.

Are you thinking that if wooden floors are the only place where you can use it? Well, from walls, home décor to floors and furniture, you’ve got the complete freedom to color up any of them with it. And that headache on coverage? Its 32oz quart covers almost 150 sq. ft and 4oz can do so on 20 sq. ft. of your ground.


  • Requires no major prep before application
  • Highly convenient to clean up
  • Gets dry within the shortest time after application
  • Can be used over a wide variety of surfaces
  • Comes with a superior coverage


  • Should’ve been a little cheaper

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7. TotalBoat TotalTread Non-Skid Paint

Has that slippery floor of yours taken you down once again? Then it’s high time to get that fixed, mate. But what’s your plan to fix that up? If you haven’t made a plan yet, then we’ve got one for you. It’s called the TotalTread Non-Skid Paint from TotalBoat.

To make it unique in every single way, the first thing the manufacturer has done is getting it a resilient polyurethane finish. This means your desire to have a low-glare high-traction surface won’t be far anymore once you brush up your floor with this paint.

The polyurethane finish has given another reason to admire this paint. It’s the UV resistance we’re talking about. So, if you’re expecting to see a faded shade within a short time, then you’ll be disappointed as that’s not going to happen. Like cream on your cake, this finish is also what has made it super easy to clean.

Thanks to its rubberized texture, it has thrown the other silica additives out of the race of low abrasiveness. But what about the durability? Is it any good for the long run? Well, you can bet on it as this paint ain’t going to lose its bite from your surface any sooner.

Wait a minute! Are you planning to buy different paints for your boat decks, docks, hatches, stairs, cabin soles, gunwales, swim platforms, steps, or patios? Who said anything like it couldn’t cover them up for you? Yes, you’ve got it right, it can! Now all you need is a brush or roller to get started.


  • Keeps the surface skid resistant
  • Perfectly durable for the long run
  • Comes with a UV resistance feature
  • Quite easy to clean it up
  • Easy to apply on different surfaces


  • Doesn’t come with too many color variations

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 8. RTG Anti-Slip Paint

Looks like the paint brands have taken the idea of making your floor slip-resistant quite seriously. So, the RTG thought of offering you something amazing on that segment too and came up with their Anti-Slip Paint. But does it match up to the criteria that you would’ve expected from other high-end paints? Let’s find out.

The first thing it pulls off for you is making your floor slip-resistant. But that’s not the end of the line here. This marvelous paint can protect every inch of your beautiful floor, deck, patio, and porch. Do whatever you want on it, but this liquid shield ain’t going to let anything pass through.

Its water-based polyurethane coating has given it the supreme durability over any weather condition. Don’t think this fast-drying paint cares if the weather has just gone rogue. It’ll stand still no matter what comes up. So, if you’re looking for a layer on your floor with no peeling and scuffing, then this is it!

Having an odor in such ‘heavily-armed’ paints might sound normal to you. But the manufacturer thought of taking it to a different stage. So, they’ve added the low-VOC formula that has taken the odor so down that your nose won’t even feel if it’s there or not.


  • Makes and keeps the floor resistant to skidding
  • Can deal with the other surfaces with ease
  • Keeps the floor safe and beautiful
  • Comes with a weatherproof feature
  • Resistant to peeling and scuffing


  • Should’ve had more color variations

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9. Diamond Brite Enamel Paint

You’re on a tight schedule with your home’s remodeling plan, but still couldn’t pick the right color? We don’t think keeping scrolling down is going to get you any solution. Thankfully, Diamond Brite has come to your rescue. Well, it’s the All-Purpose Enamel Paint that we’ve put on our suggestion list.

It has everything that you’d like to have in your next best interior wood floor paint, and it all starts with its versatile nature. No matter wherever you’re planning to do your next paint job, this paint can go to the ‘perfect match’ mode for sure.

Whether you’re thinking about the exterior or interior surfaces, it can go on with any of them. Yes, we’re indicating surfaces like concrete, plaster, wood, masonry, metal, and hardboard. Now, you can throw your worries out on ‘what to do with residual paints,’ because now you have a bunch of surfaces to apply them on.

The manufacturer has ensured that when this paint gets dry, all you’ll get to see is the tough and durable surface. Nothing like cracking, peeling, scuffing, or fading will catch your glance.

A single gallon can cover up to 300 sq. ft. So, if you’re panicking about running short on paints, then we think you should stop worrying right now. Just get up with your brush, roller, or sprayer, because it doesn’t matter whatever you’re using, it still will get your floor a beautiful look.


  • Applicable on both exterior or interior surface
  • Can be applied through a brush, roller, or sprayer
  • Resistant to cracking, peeling, scuffing, or fading
  • Capable of covering a wider area
  • Gives the surface an appealing look


  • Doesn’t have the fastest drying time

10. Valspar Latex Satin Enamel

The last one we’ve put on our list is something that you can call the all-in-all paint. Because if you’re putting it in your house, it’ll fit in, and if you’re planning to get it for your outer space, it still will fit in. Yes, you’re right! It’s the Latex Satin Enamel from Valspar that has concluded our top 10 list.

From an attempt to get it a finer edge, the manufacturer has used the finest way to make the paint. With it, your floor will become tougher than you can ever imagine. Once you put this layer of color on it, you might lose track of time, but the paint ain’t going to lose its hold on your ground.

You won’t get the irritating odor that typically comes from the fresh paint on this one. Thanks to its acrylic latex formula for making it low odored and fast-drying at the same time. Give it just one hour to dry up for light walking. But if you want it fully prepared for usual foot traffic, then you better give it 24 hours.

This satin sheen coating is made for almost any surface on both indoor and outdoor. So, even if you’re looking forward to it for a colored surface of primed metal, steps, wood, concrete, floors, railings, or porches, it still can get the job done for you.

Don’t worry about the weather as its amazing weather resistance feature will be there to back you up. But what if it all gets dirty and full of wear? Well, you can wipe it all off with clean water, and the wear resistance feature won’t let it get damaged that easily.


  • Makes the surface last long
  • Converts the floor into a tougher one
  • Keeps the odor to the minimum
  • Comes with a fast-drying feature
  • Boasts the wear resistance feature


  • Not available in too many colors

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 Frequently Asked Questions on Best Wood Floor Paint

Q: How much time does the paint take to get dry?

Answer: It depends on your wood paint solution completely. Usually, it varies from a time of 1 to 14 days. But you better pick the faster drying one if you don’t want to wait too long.

Q: What if the paint doesn’t contain any weatherproof features?

Answer: If you need the paint for your deck, patio, or any other external use, then the answer is simple – don’t buy it. But if you’re looking for it to put over your floors at home, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

Q: Can the wood paint be used over plywood?

Answer: Most of the wood paints are made in a way where it can go with almost any wooden surface. So, the answer is – yes, you can use it on plywoods.

Q: Is it important to buy a paint with chemical reaction protection feature?

Answer: Yes, no matter where you’re going to use the paint, the chemical reaction can take place anywhere. So, prevention is better than cure.

Q: What if the wood floor paint is used on the driving surface?

Answer: Then it should be called nothing but a wrong decision. These paints are not meant to deal with such surfaces.

 Final Words

If you’re really up for bringing some visual appeal on your floor, then you can put on any color that goes with it. But when you’re more on to pushing both visuality and durability to a higher level, getting the best wood floor paint is the way to go.

We’ve tried to bring up the finest paints to make your choice easier. Now, it’s your turn to decide which one you’re going to grab for coloring up your surface.

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