Best Automatic Center Punch In 2021

Best Automatic Center Punch In 2021

Are you in search of a tool that helps you make accurate holes on a wooden surface? Does your drill bit slip out of place while you’re working? This can cause some severe accidents in the workplace if not dealt with urgently. A center punch machine is exactly what you need right now.

Thankfully, we have handpicked the 10 best automatic center punch available for purchase. These are the most highly rated punch tools with durable construction and easily adjustable springs. They come with a wide range of features that can make punching holes feel like an absolute breeze.

#List of the Best Automatic Center Punch – Our Editor’s Pick:

Top 10 Best Automatic Center Punch Review

With all the numerous options on the market, it can be pretty daunting to pick a single model with confidence. Hence, to make your job easier, we have reviewed the best rated automatic center punches.

1. Starrett 18A Automatic Center Punch with Hardened Steel Metal

Starrett 18A Automatic Center Punch with Hardened Steel Metal, Universal Tool for Machinists and Carpenters with Adjustable Knurled Cap to Control Blow Force, No. 4 Graduation

First off on this list of reviews is a center punch tool that allows you to drill holes with the least amount of effort. It is equipped with a conical point that perfectly applies indentations on the surface. This tool is most suitable for drilling a small hole at a specific point.

This automatic center punch is mostly made of hardened steel that can withstand heavy-duty usage. It doesn’t show any signs of wear even after several uses. My most favorite feature is its knurled handle that helps you maintain a steady grip on the center punch.

Due to this feature, you won’t have to worry about the punch slipping out of hand during a task. The tempered head of the tool makes sure it’s not prone to breakage when you apply too much pressure. This punching tool is very convenient because it automatically blows a strike when pushed downwards.

You don’t even need a hammer anymore. It also gives you the option to adjust the force by twisting the tool’s cap. You can also remove its point when you need to regrind or replace it.


  • Contains a conical point
  • Made of hardened steel
  • Knurled handle
  • Automatically blows strikes
  • Adjustable force


  • Punch might jam sometimes

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2. Neiko 02638A 5″ Automatic Center Hole Punch

NEIKO 02638A 5-Inch Automatic Center Hole Punch, Adjustable Impact Spring-Loaded Puncher Tool

At number 2 on this list is a center punch model that’s suitable for a wide number of materials. With this versatile tool, you can not only drill on wood but also on leather, glass, metal, and plastic. It’s perfect for different types of applications. You can also adjust the stroke of this tool.

This automatic center punch tool is only 5 inches and is also loaded with a spring. Due to this feature, you can alter the force of the punch more easily. This is also a highly durable tool. It has a chrome-plated shank body that can endure heavy-duty usage on a regular basis.

The tool is also resistant to corrosion, which ensures a long lifespan. Because of the hardened S2 steel tip, you can drill holes with more precision. It doesn’t break under pressure either. You can even change the force of the strike by just turning the cap. Using a center punch tool has never been easier.

Its spring mechanism makes drilling faster and easier. You can use this tool for several purposes. It’s also useful for automotive and construction tasks.


  • Suitable for different materials
  • Adjustable stroke
  • Spring-loaded action
  • Chrome-plated shank body
  • Resistant to corrosion


  • Product might not be the same as the images

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3. Fowler Hardened Steel Super Heavy Duty Automatic Center Punch

Fowler 52-500-290-0 Heavy Duty Center Punch, 6'

The following automatic center punch tool prioritizes precision before anything else. It is accurate to +/– 0.00006 inches, which is perfect for drilling small holes in a car window. Its accuracy is even more enhanced by the Ultima Bore Gauging system, which has a measuring range of 7.878 to 8.27 inches.

It ensures rapid measurements with the help of the Bower’s Fastfit measuring heads. This product is 6 inches long and measures 0.625 inches in diameter. It’s small, compact and can be carried easily. They have introduced a 3-point contact system that you can use to detect lobing or triangular form errors.

The contact points are made of ceramic which offers utmost durability. Its tip won’t wear out due to extreme pressure or repeated usage. This feature also ensures stability in terms of thermal expansion. The amount of pressure it delivers can also be altered by twisting its cap.

This is arguably the best automatic center punch that actually works. It can be suitable for carpenters or for drilling small and accurate holes.


  • Accurate to +/– 0.00006 inches
  • Measuring range of 7.878 to 8.27 inches
  • Bower’s Fastfit measuring heads
  • 3-point contact system
  • Contact points made of ceramic


  • Springs might be fragile

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4. Starrett 18C Automatic Center Punch with Heavy Duty Hardened Steel Metal

Starrett 18C Automatic Center Punch with Heavy Duty Hardened Steel Metal, Universal Tool for Machinists, Carpenters with Adjustable Knurled Cap to Control Blow Force, 5.14' x 11/16'

At number 4, we bring you the Starrett automatic center punch whose main attraction is its knurled handle. This ergonomic handle prevents the tool from slipping out of your hand when you’re working. It can minimize the chances of sudden accidents in the workplace.

Making detailed indentations with this tool is also much easier due to the stable grip. The conical point is sharp enough to create accurate holes on almost any surface. This center punch tool is made of heavy-duty steel material that reduces the chances of corrosion.

The tip of this punching tool isn’t prone to fracture or breakage, which is often caused by an off-center blow. It can sustain the force of the blow without damaging it for a long time. This is mostly due to its tempered head. With this tool at your disposal, you won’t need a hammer to make perfect indentations.

You can create both a heavy mark and a lighter mark with this automatic center punch. Just gently turn the cap, and you can adjust the force.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Made of heavy-duty steel
  • Tempered head
  • Turn cap to adjust the force
  • Doesn’t need a hammer


  • Relatively pricey

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5. General Tools 89 Stainless Steel Automatic Center Punch with Adjustable Stroke

General Tools 89 Stainless Steel Automatic Center Punch with Adjustable Stroke

Sliding in at number 5 is an automatic center punch that allows you to adjust its spring tension. You will rarely find any other model that offers such versatility. With this amazing center punch tool, you can change not only the size of markings but also the depth of the strokes, punching, and staking.

It’s so easy to use that you only need one hand to maneuver it. The tool barely requires any effort to operate as a slight downward motion can generate a heavy impact. You won’t even need a hammer to use this tool. Now, you can create precise markings like a pro without putting much effort into it.

With this exceptional center punch, you can also mark the locations of the holes. This will allow you to make more accurate indentations when you’re drilling screw holes. The entire body is made of specially hardened steel that doesn’t deteriorate under pressure.

Even the impact point is made of hardened alloy steel that makes it highly durable. The knurled finger grip can also be beneficial when working for hours on end.


  • Adjustable spring tension
  • No hammer needed
  • Mark hole locations
  • Hardened alloy steel point
  • Knurled grip


  • Requires a lot of force

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6. Automatic Center Punch – 5 inch Brass Spring Loaded Center Hole Punch

Automatic Center Punch - 5 inch Brass Spring Loaded Center Hole Punch with Adjustable Tension, Hand Tool for Metal or Wood - Pack of 2

Another cool addition to this list of reviews is one of the best automatic center punch tools on the market. This highly rated center hole punch works well on various types of materials. You can even punch holes in copper, steel, and brass surfaces with this tool.

The spring-loaded mechanism makes it much easier to drill holes with the least amount of force. This tool will provide your drill with a start point and prevent it from moving out of place. Due to this feature, you will notice better accuracy than you would with any other model.

This heavy-duty automatic center punch comes with a brass body that is resistant to corrosion. It has a beautiful design and a knurled grip. The specialized grip will offer you better handling and stability while working. Its metal tip is also chrome plated to make sure it lasts a long time.

You can easily shatter or drill holes in your car window with this tool. This can be incredibly helpful when you accidentally lock your keys inside your car.


  • Better accuracy
  • Knurled handle
  • Chrome-plated tip
  • Can easily shatter glass
  • Spring tension can be adjusted


  • Spring action can be improved

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7. MulWark 5″ Spring-Loaded Automatic Steel Center Hole Punch Marker Scriber For Wood

MulWark 5' Spring-Loaded Automatic Steel Center Hole Punch Marker Scriber For Wood, Metal, Plastic, Car Window Puncher Breaker Tool-With Palm Cushion Cap, Adjustable Impact-A Replacement Tip Included

This automatic center punch has been specifically made for woodworkers and carpenters. That’s because the center punch tool is most suitable for making indentations on wooden surfaces. It implements a hammerless operation that lets you maneuver this tool with just one hand.

If you’re not an expert woodworker, then you don’t need to be disheartened. This tool works perfectly well on metal, glass, and plastic as well. No matter where you’re drilling, your drill will never wander off, thanks to this center punch. It also boasts one of the most durable constructions out there.

It’s made of premium quality Cr-V steel that gives it the strength to withstand heavy-duty usage. Moreover, this tool is resistant to rusting and corrosion. It doesn’t wear out so easily. You can achieve evenly sized dimples at each setting. The orange cap is used to alter the force of impact.

This center punch also has an ergonomic design that is easy on your palms. It makes it easy to control as well. You can remove the tool’s point for replacement. There’s also a spare tip included in the package.


  • Hammerless operation
  • Made of premium quality Cr-V steel
  • Rust resistant
  • Easy to control
  • Spare tip included


  • Needs regular maintenance

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8. Super Strong Automatic Center Punch – 5 inch Black Steel Spring Loaded Center Hole Punch

Super Strong Automatic Center Punch - 5 inch Black Steel Spring Loaded Center Hole Punch with Adjustable Tension, Hand Tool for Metal or Wood with Zippered Hard Shell Carry Case - Pack of 2

For those who often tend to lock themselves out of their car, we have just the right product for you guys. This 5-inch center hole can be used as a safety tool to break open the glass. All you need is to use this center punch in the corner of a window, and the glass will either shatter or fall out of place.

This highly efficient punch tool is perfect for drilling in a fixed position. It makes sure the drill stays in the exact place for you to drill the hole. This is the best way to drill accurate holes into glass, metal, or leather surfaces. Unlike most models, it comes in a hard carry shell for convenient storage.

Its body is mostly made of superior quality brass, which boosts its durability. Apart from that, the center punch consists of a chrome-plated tip that can allow you to drill holes much faster than usual. Due to this feature, the tip remains as good as new even after several uses.


  • Easily shatters glass
  • Drills accurate holes
  • Long-lasting tip
  • Spring tension can be adjusted
  • Hard carry shell


  • Not so efficient with steel

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9. ALLY Tools and Parts 3 PC SET of 6 Inch Heavy Duty Automatic Center Punch

ALLY Tools 3 PC SET of 6 Inch Heavy Duty Automatic Center Punch, Perfect Automatic Center Punch for Metal, Wood, Plastic, Glass, and Marble – Features Spring Loaded Center Punch Design

Speaking of convenience, this model includes a set of 3 six-inch center punches. Each tool in this set offers the highest level of accuracy you can find on the market. Now, you can drill holes and create accurate markings within a very short time. It’s perfect for regular heavy-duty use.

The spring tension and the force can also be adjusted. This feature will allow you to work on different types of projects with just one tool. Moreover, its heavy-duty construction makes it suitable for various types of materials. As if that wasn’t enough, they also made it durable enough to resist corrosion.

This center punch’s shank body is chrome plated for better resistance. It’s one of the many reasons you can rely on this tool. Even the tip is made of tough Cr-V steel that can resist rusting. This also allows you to create a heavy impact on hard surfaces without breaking or wearing out.

Due to the resistant material and lightweight, this center punch offers you a whole new level of efficiency at an affordable price. Hence this is the best cheap center punch, which also includes a comfortable handle that lets you work for hours without getting tired.


  • Suitable for heavy-duty use
  • Resistant to wear
  • Comfortable grip
  • Chrome plated
  • Tip made of Cr-V steel


  • Too bulky

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10. Super Strong Automatic Center Punch – 5 inch Black Steel Spring Loaded Center Hole Punch

Super Strong Automatic Center Punch - 5 inch Black Steel Spring Loaded Center Hole Punch with Adjustable Tension, Hand Tool for Metal or Wood with Zippered Hard Shell Carry Case - Pack of 2

As the last item on today’s set of reviews, we have this 5-inch spring-loaded center punch that offers extreme strength and durability. What really surprised us was how well it could put up with some of the hardest materials. With this tool, you can efficiently work with aluminum, copper, steel, and wooden surfaces.

It also allows you to adjust the tension of the spring, which determines the level of impact. This is a good way to make sure you don’t exert too much pressure on a certain material. On top of that, the knurled handle doesn’t put any strain on your palms. Plus, it remains stable in your hands and doesn’t slip out.

This also offers better control and accuracy. The manufacturers have topped it up a notch by making it easier to use. Its brass body is not only durable but also a sight to admire. The immaculate design really sets it apart from other models. It also eliminates the use of hammers.


  • Extreme strong tool
  • Ease of use
  • Brass body
  • Doesn’t slip out of your hand
  • Can adjust the force of impact


  • Not so efficient with steel

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Things to Consider Before Buying Automatic Center Punch

Obviously, you don’t have to become an expert on automatic center punches to purchase one. But it’s always wise to know the essentials of a product before buying it.

Here are our suggestions on what factors you should check for before going to get one for yourself:

  • Build Quality and Parts

Firstly, make sure the automatic center punch you’re buying has all the necessary parts.

Generally, a genuine automatic center punch should have about 10 pieces to it, including 1 hammer, 2 springs, 1 punching bit. However, different models will come with different sets of parts. Your aim should be to buy the one that serves your priorities.

Next, gain a little idea over whether or not the parts are well-built. Because you definitely want your center punch to last long!

  • What’s Your Purpose?

As mentioned above, you’ll find various models with different sets of parts. That’s because they are designed for different purposes.

People use automatic center punch mostly to make a mark on hard and soft metals or to craft jewelry parts.

You have your own purpose, right? Choose your automatic center punch according to that.

Does It Come with Replaceable Bits?

Not all automatic center punches will come with replaceable bits. Those that don’t come with the bits will have to be resharpened once they wear off, or you’ll just have to purchase a new one.

The bit might lose its sharpness or strength if used on the wrong materials. Therefore, it’s better if you keep that in mind.

Learn whether or not the center punch you’re going to buy has bits that are replaceable. If you’re going to use the machine on hard objects, you may need to change the bits in the future. In such cases, buy one with replaceable bits. You can even buy extra bits for later use!

Final Words

By now, you probably have all the necessary info you need to pick the best automatic center punch on the market. If you still haven’t made up your mind, you should mull over all the important factors we mentioned. Also, make sure you take extra precautions when working with power tools as they can cause accidents.

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