What Is The Best Craft Cutting Machine

What Is The Best Craft Cutting Machine

Crafting can be hard. Trimming out different shapes from papers, stickers, and cards are extremely tiresome. But that’s when you are using scissors and your hands only. Having a die-cutting machine for this job can save you a lot of time and effort.

A craft slicing tool can take your crafting task to another level. If you are planning to make some money out of your crafting works, you don’t have a choice but to own the best craft cutting machine. We have gone through several such devices available on the market.

Out of tons of options, we finally narrowed down the top quality products for you. Take a deep breath and go through our reviews to get your own die-cutting tool today!

Top 5 Best Craft Cutting Machine – Comparison Table:

What to Look for before Buying Craft Cutting Machine

Well, before we jump into the reviews, here’re a few features you need to have in your craft trimming device.

  • What Type Do You Need?

Craft cutting machines come in 3 different types: manual, electronic, and digital. While the manual one requires physical effort, the electronic one demands less of it. But the cost of purchase increases with the electronic one.

As for the digital product, it uses a computerized technique to cut through different materials. No wonder these cost the highest. You should decide what type do you need before even looking for one.

  • Type of Materials

A lot depends on what kind of stuff you will be using. Not every device can trim a variety of materials. If you are working with thicker items, you better choose heavy-duty machines. As for working with regular items like paper and cards, it’s okay to go for any budget-friendly product.

  • Versatility

It is always recommended to find a device that lets you work with a range of crafting techniques. Such as die-cut, emboss, scan, engraving, etc. It can prove to be the best value for money.

This way, you can use the product for nearly any crafting works, no matter what your concentration is. It’s always better to be ready to explore newer horizons.

  • Check for Die-Compatibility

While going for a die-cutting device, you should always check its die-cut support. Although most of the machines support common die-cuts found in the market, there is a possibility that you may lack some.

Check if your gadget is compatible with different sized die-cuts from other brands. While checking, you can make sure if the machine can support the variety these die-cuts come with.

Top 10 Best Craft Cutting Machine Reviews

So now that you know how to identify if the craft trimming-device is right for you, we have made a list where you can choose one from. These gadgets are carefully selected by analyzing the features and user-friendliness.

1. Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine Review

On top of our list, we had to pick the Cricut Explore Air 2. Its brilliant design and user-friendly features help you exceed your expectations. Now, take your DIY designs to a whole new level with this empowering device!

It’s pretty easy to use and set up. And its Bluetooth connectivity lets you transfer all the designs wirelessly to the machine and bring out the best result possible. Now you can cut, write, or score by the cordless technology just by setting up the commands as you like. It works amazingly fast, and you can totally rely on the accuracy of it.

No matter what type of material you are working with, you have the Explore Air 2 by your side. It can slice through a variety of stuff like thin papers to thick leather sheets. The device is optimized to hold on to a wide area of stuff to give you ample access. It supports materials up to 12 inches long and up to 24 inches wide.

Nothing can beat the accurate cutting of the device as it comes with a superior blade for the job. Having a German carbide premium blade makes slicing a lot easier and smoother.


  • It’s easy to install and operate
  • Fast cutting and writing
  • Premium quality blade for smooth trimming
  • It comes with apps and software for designing
  • Smart adjustment according to thickness and type of material


  • The writing quality is not up to the mark

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2. Sizzix Big Shot Die Cutting Machine Review

We know, all the beginners out there are thinking, which one should we go for? Well, the Starter Kit from Sizzix just had to be it. It’s an amazing die cutter with such a simple design that anyone can put his/her hands on. A solid plastic-made body, solid gears, and top-quality steel rollers make this a good bet for anybody.

You can carry it around easily while you are working. Its lightweight of only 7.5 pounds makes it a perfect DIY tool to work with. And its extra-sharp cutting blade lets you craft on nearly anything you put inside it.

From paper to tissue, cardstock, cork, or balsa wood – you just name it, Sizzix Big Shot has got your back! Watch your design come alive as you put different materials in it. It comes with an extra-large A5 size opening that lets you create a wide range of designs. Get a smooth trim or emboss larger dies made from many items!

The manual roller may seem a bit annoying as most of the devices are automatic, but Big Shot’s quality-trimming compensates for it.


  • It is compatible with a range of dies
  • Dies from other brands are also supported
  • A lightweight product for easy-carry
  • Large opening for large materials to be placed
  • Easy to use for anyone from beginner to expert


  • It doesn’t come with detailed instructions

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3. Xyron Creative Station Review

If your crafting works have more to do with adhesive and lamination, try the Xyron Creative Station device. It’s specially designed for high-quality bonding and laminating works.

This non-electric machine needs absolutely no warm-up time to start. Whenever you are pumped up with an idea, just put on your thinking cap and start designing with the Creative Station! It comes with a pre-installed permanent adhesive. Having a 25-feet glue material in it, you can start creating masterpieces immediately.

With the functional design, this device applies the coating evenly over the surface. There’s no chance of over-spraying or sticking out of the corners. You can see the edge-to-edge adhesive application enhances the professional look on your craft.

No matter what size of the project you are dealing with, this useful machine has the right solution for you. With two different cartridges of 9 inches and 5 inches, you can tackle any projects in style!

A plus point for the materials used in it is it’s toxic-free. These adhesives have no acid in it and are not harmful to the environment, either. So, you are not just creative; you’re saving the world, as well.


  • The non-electric device requires no warm-up or heating time
  • No mess glues let you apply adhesive smoothly
  • Two different cartridge capacity
  • It is preloaded with a 25-feet permanent adhesive
  • Lamination, sticker, and magnet makers – all in one


  • The casing is a bit flimsy

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4. Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint Machine Review

The Explore Air 2 Mint is your ultimate DIY partner. It makes a lot of your imaginations into reality in just a blink of an eye! With its endless ability to create awesome crafting designs, fly high with your custom cutting and decore works!

Whether you need to trim a material, score one, or even write over one, The Explorer Air 2 is there for you. It works in a double speed than the regular cutting machines and ends up bringing the best result you deserve. From thin vellum to dense leather, you can slice through around 100 different materials with this versatile tool.

You can enjoy a genuinely wireless designing experience with this ultra-modern device. Connect the machine via Bluetooth to your personal gadgets and command with the design you choose.

The package comes with a free app and software that allows you to design different shapes and outlines on your phone. You can work wherever you are and command for a cut-out on the go!

Its material-detection system makes sure it is slicing through the sheet with proper cutting effort. That means you get the most accurate trimming, every single time.


  • Ideal for making custom stickers, gift items, party favors, etc.
  • Supports over 100 types of materials
  • Smart item detection system
  • Free app to design according to your needs
  • Wireless connection


  • It is a bit slow to operate

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5. Silhouette Portrait 2 Electronic Cutting Machine Review

Silhouette Portrait 2 is a versatile device that lets you set your imaginations free. It’s a quite convenient machine that allows you to design, craft, and trim shape with as little effort as possible.

From vinyl to paper, fabric, cardstock, etc. – you can send in any of these materials inside the gadget to create unique outputs. It supports over 100 different types of stuff, which pretty much says a lot about its capacity.

The machine can cut through different layers of materials regardless of the thickness. You can slice down stuff up to 2 mm of thickness pretty smoothly. Besides, you can trim as large as 10 feet of a sheet by this DIY champ and show it off like a pro!

On an exciting note, the device can identify the type of material you have placed inside. It will automatically adjust the depth of the blade to slice through the material according to its merit.

Connect it wirelessly to your PC or phone and command accordingly. You get the Silhouette Studio 4 app on your phone to create endless designs for your craft.


  • Supports more than 100 materials
  • Slices through depth up to 2 mm
  • Capacity to cut sheet as large as 10 feet
  • Connects to PC and phone wirelessly
  • Automatic blade-depth adjustment


  • It lacks a full-fledged instruction manual

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6. Brother ScanNCut Machine Review

If you are looking for a unique, versatile craft cutter machine, you have to drop the mic for Brother SDX125E. It’s a many-in-one product that lets you jump from a beginner to pro crafter in minutes.

And it comes with a functional 5-inch touch screen display that takes this device to another level. You can see what you are doing on the screen and take control of your work.

Brother SDX125E is one of the rarest cutting devices that allows you to scan the item you put inside. You can place a design that you found in the magazine or elsewhere, and the machine will scan it for you. And you can later trim the design out on any other material as you like. That’s more than just awesome!

With this machine, you don’t need to select the material type when you place it inside. Its blade sensor technology does the job for you. It can scan the stuff for its type and automatically adjust its depth accordingly.

That being said, the machine can slice through up to 3 mm of depth quite easily. Very convenient for thicker stuff like leather and fabric.


  • A built-in touch-screen display for easy operation
  • Blade-sensor technology for depth adjustment
  • It comes with a storage
  • Built-in designs include 100 patterns and 9 fonts
  • It makes a very low sound while in operation


  • Thinner papers seem to slip out of the device

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7. We R Memory Keepers Evolution Machine Review

The Evoland Evolution is one of the most easy-to-operate die cutters we have found. Its simple design lets anyone, no matter how expert, start trimming crafts right away! It can be the best craft die cutting machine for any type of user!

It comes with a brilliant height-adjustment system. With this feature in the house, it saves most of the newbie crafters from the confusion of mat combination. Even some experts fall into the confusion at times.

Stop worrying about matching branded die-cuts. The Evolad Evolution supports most of the common brands’ die-cuts and embossing folders. It cuts out shapes quite fast and smoothly. This accurate cutting technique makes it a perfect choice for tasks like card-making, home-decore, scrapbooking, party-designing, and many more!

If you are not into manual handling, you can just remove the hand roller from the device. Just get an Advance Removable Motor and attach it to the machine. There you go! It’s automatic now.

Apart from cutting and embossing, the device is very useful for storage. It comes with a large storage box inside of it to organize your die-tools. Its lightweight foldable body adds to the versatility of it, as well.


  • Easy to operate and handle
  • Can be used both manually and automatically
  • It comes with storage inside
  • Foldable design for easy-arrangement
  • Compatible with leading branded die-tools


  • It comes with a very limited operation-guide

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8. Glowforge Plus Review | 3D Laser Printer

Up next, we have a full-fledged 3D laser printer from Glowoforge. This is just one gorgeous piece of printer that makes your designing-dreams come true. Laser? That seems risky!

Well, not exactly. The Glowforge Plus 3D printer is the only one that is a CDRH laser cutter, rated as class 1. It is tested to be safe by the CE, UL, FCC, and FDA. So you can use it, tension-free!

Engrave your imagination on anything from wood, acrylic, metal, glass, cardboard, or leather. You can carve by this machine up to half-inch deep, 11-inch high, and 19.5-inch wide.

It comes with a material detection system that adjusts its printing methods depending on the type of item you put inside. Its automatic print setting makes printing even easier. Pick your photo, pdf, or anything with images on and let the machine do the rest of the printing job for you!

You get a free software with this device that takes only 30 minutes to set the whole system up. Work from any gadgets – PC, phone, tablet, etc. to print right here, right now!


  • Powerful laser printer prints amazing designs into reality
  • Prints on dozens of items
  • Automatic material detection
  • Safe to use by kids
  • Automatic print setting


  • You need a bit of prior-designing idea to use it

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9. Cricut Maker Champagne Machine Review

If we were to name a truly smart cutting machine, Cricut Maker Champagne should be it. It comes with a number of tools that make the device even smarter. You can slice through nearly any common materials from paper crafts, vinyl, leather crafts, or even matboards with this smart device.

The expandable suite of tools allows you to make the best use of the machine. Its powerful blades, scoring tools, and blades let you craft through hundreds of items with utmost accuracy.

For fabric cutting, it comes with a rotary cutter blade that can smoothly slice through it without damaging the threads. Plus, a knife blade lets you craft through harder materials like matboard or balsa. If you just like to print a design on any material, just use the pen tool to transform it on the surface.

Use the free app that helps you with it. Just connect the app to the device and scroll through the wide range of designs to select your one. Once you’re done selecting, you are just a few taps away to a unique artwork!


  • It comes with a number of tools for a wide range of designs
  • Access to numerous digital sewing projects
  • Free app for a wide range of design options
  • It trims through a thickness of up to 2.4 mm
  • Smooth fabric cutting


  • You have to pay for the app after a few prints

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10. Crafter’s Companion Gemini Machine Review

As our last pick in this list, we have CCM GEM-M-USA Die Cutting device. This electric gadget from Gemini By Crafter’s Companion is widely known for its versatility and long-lasting features. According to some experts, this is the best electronic craft cutting machine you can find!

You can cut and slice through a range of thin and thick materials like plastic, fabric, rubber, vinyl, cardboard, and many more! The accuracy it maintains while crafting on these platforms is simply marvelous to see.

And the machine comes with 16 different cutting dies and 3 embossing folders. You can choose from these options to create a masterpiece of your own! If you are not into these built-in options, the device is compatible with other dies, as well.

It opens up its space for a large cutting zone. You can place and trim materials up to 12.5 inches long and 9 inches wide.


  • Option to pause, resume, and reverse plates
  • A larger platform for slicing larger materials
  • Edge-to-edge cutting for A4 size items
  • Fast printing with a little noise produced
  • Very durable and long-lasting


  •  You need to hold the button all the time to have the die-cut

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Frequently Asked Questions on Craft Cutting Machine

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best craft cutting machines:

  1. Can you slice through a matboard by a craft-cutting machine?

Yes, there are a few devices that use good-quality blades that can cut through matboards, as well.

  1. Do you need a device to die cut?

Yes, if you want to get a precise and accurate design for your project, a slicing tool is absolutely necessary.

  1. Can you cut fabrics by a die-cutter?

Yes. If the depth of the blade is set to the accurate measurement, you can slice through fabrics.

  1. Can you print by a die-cutting machine wirelessly?

It depends on the capacity of the gadget. If it supports connection by Bluetooth transmission, you can connect it wirelessly to your PC or phone.

  1. Can I cut vinyl without a machine?

Yes, you can trim the vinyl with your hands and a pair of scissors. But if you need a smooth and super clean output, a machine can help you the best.

Final Words

It seems an easy task to get a die-cutting device and get going with your craftworks. But in reality, it is no less than a challenging task. Still, we did manage to list down the top-performing tools that you can own without giving much of a thought.

We hope our best craft cutting machine reviews will help you find out the ultimate product for creating your own masterpiece.

Happy crafting!

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