Best Lighting for Craft Room

Top 10 Best Lighting for Craft Room in 2021

Using a powerful light for your crafting works is not a luxury anymore. Moreover, as creativity booms in the night time – a heavy-duty flash has become an essential part of these tasks nowadays. Forget about the night, even if the sunshine illuminates your room, you still need an overhead glow for complicated works.

Your crafting task means serious business to you. There’s no alternative to the best craft light that efficiently shines up your work desk. That’s why we have listed down the top 10 products that can make your sensitive works easier than ever.

#List Of The Top 5 Best lighting for Craft Room On The Market – Editor’s Pick:

What to Look for Before Buying the Best Lighting for Craft Room?

Before you jump into purchasing the right product for you, make sure you check if these factors are present inside them.

1. Longer Lifetime Is a Must

Spending on a lamp is an expensive task. It’s not going to be an everyday job. That’s why you need to find out one that has a bulb with a long-lasting life.

Usually, top-quality bulbs can last from 8000 hours to even 50000 hours. Make sure you don’t fall out of this range.

2. Adjustable Brightness Is Crucial

A universal glow won’t be of work all the time. You will need to dim down or brighten it up according to your situation and work-type. So, select the model that comes with a brightness control mechanism.

3. Twisting Gooseneck Is a Blessing

You are not going to be working in the same position all day. So, you would need to adjust and twist the glare a bit to suit your working conditions. Look out for the ones that have this feature.

4. Eye-Safe Lighting Is a Must

Lighting is important. But not as important as a functioning vision. Low-quality lamps produce harmful glow for your eyes that eventually affects your vision.

Go for top-quality products that ensure flicker-free shine and safety for your vision. It may cost you more, but it’s definitely worth it.

5. Lights That Consume Less Electricity

It’s always good to cut the bills short. Look for lamps that consume lesser electricity. It will save electricity and your money, as well.

Top 10 Best Lighting for Craft Room Reviews

We carefully went through a number of lamps that can work as standout devices for your works. After extensive digging down, we came up with the following top 10 choices. Without further ado, let’s find out!

1. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

On top of our list, we have the TaoTronics LED. There are several reasons for this one to climb up to the top.

Apart from its sleek and stunning look, its eye-caring technology impressed us at first sight. You can easily adjust the brightness according to your necessity.

You have 7 different brightness options to select from. Choose the temperature of light that matches your current situation. It’s not the brightest glare that is going to suit your mood all the time. If you feel like reading tonight, switch to the reading mood instantly!

With this champ on your desk, you are in control of the illumination at any time! You can twist the spotlight 90 degrees and swivel it up to 135 degrees. Likewise, you can twist the base at 135 degrees and swivel it up to 45 degrees.

Being a leading lamp in the market, it got to have some exciting features. USB charging option is one of them. You can directly recharge your phone’s battery from the device. Now read, work, and charge your phone battery at the same time!

Unlike regular devices you use, this one saves electricity up to 75%. Consuming less power, it can cut your electricity bills to a satisfactory level.


  • You can set the brightness at 7 different levels
  • It saves electricity by 75%
  • A wide range of twisting and swiveling opportunities
  • Flicker-free light for the safety of the eyes
  • USB charging facility


  • Takes too long to power off

2. Vekkia Neck Hug Light

How fun would it be if you could carry a lamp with you without having to endure any pressure? Well, the dream just came true.

The Vekkia neck light is the perfect hands-free device that sets you free. You can carry it wherever you work – even if you are on your bed. Place it around your neck, and let the dual LED bright up your night!

Interestingly, both LEDs are independently controllable. You can set the brightness separately. One of the lights is for spot mode, while the other is used for wide-area illumination.

It’s totally wireless and runs on batteries. You can use the lamp for about 1000 cycles that equal to around 3000 triple-A batteries. Meaning, you are saving your money and the environment, as well.

From a full charge, the lamp can shine up to 6 to 10 hours at a stretch. Although there is no charger included, you can easily recharge it with any standard USB charger.

Its two necks are endlessly bendable. You can bend and tune for unlimited times until you get the perfect lighting in position for your work. The silicone surface of the neck makes it so smooth to touch.


  • Neck lamp for easy carrying
  • Brightness adjustability
  • Wireless and rechargeable product
  • Bendable neck for easy positioning
  • Dual LED lights allow independent adjustment


  • You can’t place it on a table

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3. Miroco LED Standing Lamp

The Miroco standing LED is a perfect 2-in-1 multifunctioning device that you are looking for. Its simple, yet functional design lets it be alternatively used as a table stand and a floor lamp.

With its 1815 lumens brightness, this one can shine up an entire standard room alone. Now use it for work, or glow up the room – the choice is yours!

Even if it shines bright, this one consumes less electricity than other normal ones. It can cut your bills up to 75% from the first month of its usage!

Surprising enough? We are not done yet. This useful lamp can light up your room for more than 50000 hours. That’s what we call a perfect value for money!

It comes with 5 different brightness options – 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%. Using these different levels of illumination, you can set 15 individual glare-shade to carry on multiple tasks.

Thanks to its lightweight of 4.8 pounds, it can be used both as a tabletop and a floor lamp. It all depends on how you need to brighten your workstation up.

A brilliant feature of it is the night mode option. Just hold on to the on/off switch for 2 seconds, and it will enter night mode instantly. After an hour, it will be automatically turned off.


  • Comes with a lifespan of 50000+ hours
  • Can be used both as a tabletop and floor lamp
  • There are 5 different brightness options
  • Features a functional night mode
  • Flexible head for different positioning


  • The power cord is a little bit short

4. Brightech Natural Wood Lamp

This floor light is a standout piece of a lamp from many angles. The use of natural wood on the base and the gooseneck is enough to make it a unique product.

Boasting with a brightness of 950 lumens, the LED device shines for around 20 years. That pretty much sums up its impressive capacity. You buy it once, and forget to replace it for a lifetime!

Even though the lamp brightens up at more than 900 lumens, you can rest assured that it won’t cost you much. It draws only about 12W of electricity while it’s fully functional. This means you spend less on your power-bills and enjoy more!

Its natural glow can surprise you big time. And it can produce 6000K of natural daylight spectrum that comes with an output of 2000 lumens. This makes it hard to tell if it’s the Sun shining inside your house or not!

Planning on leaning on your shoulder while reading some documents? Well, just adjust the gooseneck of the lamp to project the glare on the right spot. It can be tilted and bent to some extent for a customized spotlight.


  • Produces 850 to 950 lumens of brightness
  • Consumes low electricity
  • Adjustable gooseneck for the customized spotlight
  • Stable base for sturdy placement
  • LED bulb remains cool even after hours of use


  • Can’t be placed on a table

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5. Verilux SmartLight LED Floor Lamp

Verilux pioneered the natural illumination system 6 decades ago. This one on our list is the updated LED version of the very same brainchild of them.

The unique part of this lamp is that it successfully mimics the sunshine. Meaning, you will get a soft, easy to endure daylight-like illumination in your home.

Its updated Optix lens can reduce glare to make it easy for your eyes. Also, it mitigates eye-fatigue and pressure on your vision while working long hours under it.

Depending on what you are doing, you can change the brightness and the color of the LED glow. If you are crafting, you can increase the vividness and apply a more whitish spotlight.

On the other hand, if you are reading at night, just dim the shine a bit, and the soft glow will create a perfect setting for you to read!

You can comfortably move the gooseneck of the lamp to set the perfect position. Tilt it upward or downward to find the ideal angle for you.

All the functions can be controlled through soft-touch buttons. Whether you need to switch it on or off, adjust the brightness or alter the color temperature, just touch the respected buttons.


  • Mimics sunshine for a natural illumination
  • Adjustable color temperature
  • Longlasting LED bulb attached for long-term use
  • Optix lens for smooth eye-supporting light
  • Soft-touch buttons for easy operation


  • The screwing of the lamp is not sturdy

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6. Kenley 27W Floor Lamp

Whether your need to light up your office, your home, or your chamber, the versatile design of the Kenley 27W fits perfectly.

This device produces a 6400k color temperature to shine like the sunshine. Now brighten up your room by an electronic, yet natural shining.

It uses a functional LED bulb that can last for about 8000 hours at a stretch. That too, at the cost of only 27W of electricity. That’s a lot of savings from your bills right there!

Let the lamp bend itself according to your needs. Its gooseneck can be twisted and tilted about 360 degrees, allowing you to set the spotlight at the perfect position.

Furthermore, its 175 CM of cable connection means freedom. You can move this one to different directions within a wide radius without being disconnected.

A sturdy base confirms that the lamp will stay put to where it is. If you have got a kid or a pet or two that can be potentially playing with this gadget, they won’t be able to knock it over.


  • Provides a sense of sunshine at home
  • Produces 6400K color temperature
  • Twisting and swiveling neck up to 360 degrees
  • Lengthy cable for smooth movement
  • Cool LED bulb, even after use


  • The lamp is a little bit short

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7. Brightech LightView Pro Flex Magnifying Lamp

If you are working with a really tiny object while you are crafting, a bulb with a magnifying glass is the only thing you can beg for.

Well, consider your wish as granted. The Brightech LightView comes with a magnifying glass attached to it to give you an enlarging vision of the items you are working with.

The three-inch lens diameter of the magnifying glass makes it easy for you to see the tiniest of things on your desk. Plus, a 6-Watt series of LED bulbs attached to the lens makes your vision just perfect.

Its twisting gooseneck can be adjusted and bent as per your needs. You can place the gooseneck end on a base to put the lamp on a table or any solid surface.

Alternatively, it comes with a clip. You can attach the clip on the desk-side or table-side and work with the device easily.

Weighing only under 4 pounds, you get the freedom to carry the lamp around wherever you go. Just take it with you, clip it, and use it!


  • Includes a magnifying glass for perfect crafting works
  • 6-Watt series of LED bulbs
  • Twisting gooseneck for perfect positioning
  • Can be placed by clipping on the desk side
  • Small-sized and lightweight to carry easily


  • The tube is a bit flimsy

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8. NAPATEK Smart LED Desk Lamp

Welcome to the future. The Napatek Smart LED is just what you need to feel the next generation of technology.

First of all, this lamp comes with 64 LEDs, all 100 to 1100 Lumen powered. Together, these LEDs create one of the finest lighting sensations you can imagine.

Then again, this smart shining system has 3 color modes and 6 different brightness levels to take control of the glare of your home.

Its aluminum-built body makes it a perfect sturdy device that lets its peers stand no chances. Also, its light-head can be tilted about 180 degrees so that you can get the perfect illumination you need.

On the smarter side, it can be controlled by an app. You can sync it with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Now control your device from wherever you are.

Apart from the USB charging facility, this lamp can be used as a wireless charger. Just put your phone on the charging unit of it, and see the magic!


  • Smart LED shining solution that runs with an App
  • Compatible with Google Assitant and Amazon Alexa
  • Comes with 64 LED bulbs
  • Built with a sturdy aluminum body
  • Features 6 different brightness levels


  • The setting up process of it is a bit complex

9. Ott-Lite L24554 Floor Lamp

When you are crafting, it’s crucial that you see the detailed color of different items on your project. With the Ott-Lite L24554, identifying the accurate color is just a reality.

Its 18-inch long shade lets you cover a larger area by one simple device. With its optimum capacity, you can easily see color variations.

A specially designed shining system lets your vision be smooth and comfortable. The L24554 produces easy-to-see illumination that reduces the eyestrain quite effectively.

Furthermore, the bulb attached can last up to a staggering 10000 hours. This means you don’t have to worry about changing the bulb quite often. Once you put it on, it keeps shining for life!

Its flexible neck allows you to tilt, twist, and adjust the shine according to your comfortable position. Move it up and down to set the brightness at the right spot for you.


  • 24-watt high illumination device
  • Long and wide shade to cover a larger area
  • Bulb lasts for 10000 hours
  • Shows actual color and accuracy
  • Reduces glare and eyestrain


  • The bulb gets hotter during summer

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10. Daylight Company LLC UN1530

Our last pick for the best craft light reviews is the Daylight UN1530. Its dual illumination function is enough to blow your mind instantly.

With 700 lumens of illumination, the UN1530 brightens up your work area quite smoothly. Its dual-head can be adjusted as per your needs. Just tilt the heads around and see if you can get creative enough!

The two lights do have independent switches. You can turn one on and other off at the same time.

It comes with 56 different LED bulbs to create a perfect sensation of illumination. Together, these LEDs produce around 6000K color temperature.

You get 4 separate brightness levels to match your needs. There is a touch switch dimmer on the lamp to control the glow.

Its flexible arms take it to the next level. You can swing and twist the head of it to place the light in the best possible position for better brightness.


  • Comes with a dual-lighting system
  • Twisting head for better adjustment
  • A total of 56 LED bulbs for optimum illumination
  • Independent control for both the sources
  • Touch control panel for a number of control options


  • The touch panels are too sensitive

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Frequently Asked Question On Lighting for Craft Room

  1. What kind of lighting is best for crafting?

Usually, natural sunshine illumination is best for this purpose. There are various lamps available that produce such soft and smooth lighting.

  1. What is an OTT light?

An OTT is a special type of glow that reduces your eyestrain and mitigates pressure on your vision.

  1. Do I need a magnifying glass for my work?

If your work includes complex tiny objects to be analyzed and used, a lamp with a magnifying glass is ideal for it.

  1. Is a craft light portable?

It depends on the cable-length and the weight of it. If the weight is less and the cable is quite lengthy, you can carry it.

  1. Can I control the brightness?

Yes, for most craft lights on the market, it is possible to control the brightness.

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Final Words

Indeed, we often get confused about purchasing something extremely common. A well-functioning lamp is a prime example of it.

If you are a craftsman and looking for the best craft light, it may not be as easy as you plan it. But no worries! Our in-depth reviews on the top 10 devices should surely pave your decision making path smoother!

Happy crafting!

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