Best Cricut Mat for Vinyl

Best Cricut Mat for Vinyl

Cricut Mats are one of the most important tools for using a Cricut machine. But mats don’t last very long. So, after 25-40 projects, a Cricut mat can be unusable. Depending on projects, Cricut adhesive mats must be changed if you want accurate projects.

But, there are many cutting mats available on the market. So, one can easily get confused when buying a new Cricut mat. That’s why our expert teams have spent hours researching the best Cricut mat for vinyl and made a list of only ten of them.

Keep reading to find out which meets your necessities.

#List of the Best Cricut Mat for Vinyl– Our Editor’s Pick:

Top 10 Best Cricut Mat for Vinyl Reviews

This section contains multiple Cricut mats for vinyl reviews. However, not all of them might be perfect according to your need. So, choose a Cricut adhesive mat according to your requirements.

1. Cricut Mat for Vinyl | 3 Pack

Cricut 3PACK Standardgrip Cutting Mat 12X12 3 Pack AMZ, 12'x12', Green, 3 Count

As we are talking about “Cricut” mats here, what else could be better than mats made by Cricut themselves? Most people start their crafting with mats that come with Cricut machines. So, you must already know the quality of these Fabric mat boards.

These mats provide the finest experience while working on them. Because Cricut makes them exclusively for their machines, they fit the machine properly without any kind of hassle.

But, a lot of mats available on the market are not measured correctly. That brings many problems while working on a project. However, measurements on these Cricut mats are accurate, and it matches the measures on Design Space.

Besides, Cricut provides all the different types of mats of all different sizes! So, you don’t even need to go anywhere else. You can buy Cricut explore mats and use them for the Cricut Makers too.


  • Usable with almost all Cricut machines
  • All types of mats are available in a single place
  • High-quality material and adhesive
  • It comes in a set of 3


  • Pricier than other company mats
  • Adhesive runs out quickly

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2. Nicapa Cutting Mat for Vinyl | Replacement Cut Mats

Nicapa Standard Grip Cutting Mat for Cricut Maker 3/Maker/Explore 3/Air 2/Air/One (12x12 inch,3 Pack) Standard Adhesive Sticky Green Quilting Replacement Cut Mats

If you want a different quality mat for replacing your older mats, then Nicapa Cutting Mats might be most suitable for you.

Nicapa has been providing all different types of cutting mats for a successful project. But, for vinyl, mostly the standard grip mats are used. That’s why Nicapa sells standard grip mats in bulk. You can buy packs of up to 60 mats together at a lesser price!

We all know, if the material gets out of place while cutting, the design will be inaccurate, and a lot of vinyl will be wasted. That’s why each Nicapa Cutting mat has a proper tack to hold the materials securely.

But what about after the cutting process? Most of the time removing process becomes a hassle. Not with Nicapa mats, though! The tack on each of these mats allows easy removal of the design and the junk vinyl.

Then what are you waiting for?


  • Compatible with most Cricut machines
  • It comes with a clear film cover
  • Has a proper tack on each of them
  • All different types of mats are available


  • Little more flexible than regular Cricut mats
  • Adhesive of these mats have a strong smell

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3. Cricut Mats for Vinyl | Standard Grip

Cricut Standard Grip, 12'x12', 2 Mats, Green

Every crafter who uses Cricut machines must be familiar with Cricut brand mats because Cricut machines come with a few of them. Made with high-quality rubber, you already know the performance these mats provide.

However, many times the adhesiveness of standard grip mats might not be suitable for light materials like paper, etc. So, each of these mats mentions the recommended materials to be used for lessening your hassle.

But, storing Cricut adhesive mats become a problem for most of us after use. Because dust and scrap paper get stuck on the mat, each of these mats comes with a clear film cover that keeps dust from the mat.

As the adhesive quantity on standard grip mats is perfect for vinyl, most vinyl crafters use standard grip mats often. That’s why Cricut sells these packs of standard grip cutting mats. Making them the best Cricut mat to use for vinyl.

Also, you not to worry at all if they will fit your machine as they are made by the Cricut itself.


  • Original Cricut brand cutting mats
  • Built with high-quality rubber
  • It comes in packs of standard grip mats
  • It fits all different Cricut machines


  • Pricier than other brand cutting mats
  • It might not fit different machines other than Cricut

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4. Xinart Cricut Mat for vinyl | PVC cutting mat

Xinart Cutting Mat for Cricut Maker 3/Maker/Explore 3/Air 2/Air/One(12x12 Inch, 3 Mats, StandardGrip, LightGrip, StrongGrip) Multiple Adhesive Sticky Quilting Cricket Cutting Mats for Cricut

If you care about the eco-friendliness, you must have thought about how your crafting is affecting the environment. Well, as most cutting mats are made with rubber, they put a toll on the environment.

Thinking about the environment, Xinart designed these PVC cutting mats, which are a lot more eco-friendly than other rubber mats. These mats are very durable and last a longer period.

Although, most Cricut mats, even if they work fine, don’t provide a nice experience. Why, you might ask? Because of the nasty smell, of course! Every crafter had to go through this horrible experience.

But not anymore. Xinart came up with a unique and new adhesive, which doesn’t smell! So, you can work on your projects without caring about the smell. That is a huge relief, isn’t it?

You can buy packs of mats altogether here. So, at lesser pricing, you’re getting paper cutting mats, a Cricut mat for vinyl, and also a fabric matboard! All while saving a lot of environmental costs!

Can you think of reasons how these are not the perfect choice for you?


  • Eco-friendly, made with PVC
  • It doesn’t have any bad odor
  • Different types and combos of mats are available
  • Durable and high quality


  • It might be too sticky for some projects
  • Less flexible than rubber mats

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5.Monicut Cricut Mat for Vinyl | 3 pack

Monicut 12x12 Lightgrip Cutting Mat for Cricut Maker 3/Maker/Explore 3/Air 2/Air/One, 3 Pcs Non-Slip Flexible Blue Cutting Mats for Crafts, Quilting, Sewing and all Arts

Most DIY crafters have a hard time using the Cricut brand mats. Because they might get too sticky and have to be primed before using, that’s why Monicut came up with these mats.

Monicut mats don’t need to be primed before use. Their different brand adhesive released the vinyl easily while still having a firm grip on the material. That’s why this is one of the best Cricut mats to use for vinyl.

But, can these mats provide the quality of the Cricut brand mats? If you are asking yourself whether this brand has the same quality as Cricut, don’t. Monicut mats feel just as thick and sticky as the Cricut mat if not stickier!!

As crafters use these mats regularly, they get unusable after some time. So, buying mats cost a lot of money. If you face these issues, then consider this brand first. As they are cheaper than Cricut Brand Mats, you can use them and then just throw them away.

In addition, these mats are made of PVC, which is eco-friendlier and more durable. You can make use of your hard-earned money if you buy these Cricut explore mats; that’s all we can say.


  • Unique adhesive provides the right amount of grip
  • Sets of different types and numbers are available
  • Cheaper than most brand Cricut mats
  • It fits almost all cutting machines properly


  • Sometimes these mats are too sticky for a project
  • Materials might get stuck to the mat often

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6. Diyit Cricut Mat for Vinyl | Thick

DIYIT 12x12 Cutting Mat for Cricut Maker 3/Maker/Explore 3/Air 2/Air/One, 3 Pieces Stronggrip Cutting Mats for Crafts

Most Cricut mats don’t fit machines other than Cricut, and it gets quite difficult to find mats for other brand machines. So, if you have other brand cutting machines than Cricut, you might need these thicker cutting mats.

Being made of non-toxic plastic, these mats add a lot of value to your DIY materials. They are sticky and strong. Also, you can find various types of mats made by Diyit and search for the most suitable for your project.

Although, with cutting mats, everyone faces a bit of hassle. Either they are too sticky or less sticky. But, if you are using the recommended materials with these mats, you can say goodbye to that hassle. When you stick the material on the mats, they hold your vinyl nicely and release just as easily.

Diyit mats come with grids for measurements. You can adjust the vinyl with your design. In turn, it is saving a lot of your expensive materials.

Well, does it get any better than this?


  • Made of strong, non-toxic materials
  • Thicker than regular mats
  • Perfect amount of adhesiveness
  • It fits most cutting machines on the market


  • Wider than regular mats, causing the blade to be offset than design space
  • Less flexible than rubber mats, causing it sometimes to break

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7. Realike Cricut Mat for Vinyl | Non-Slip

REALIKE 12x12 Cutting Mat for Cricut Maker 3/Maker/Explore 3/Air 2/Air/One(3 Mats), Gridded Adhesive Non-Slip Cut Mat for Crafts, Quilting, Sewing and All Arts (Variety)

If you want a Cricut mat that is the people’s champion, then these Realike mats are perfect. Just look at the buyer reviews! Almost everyone who bought these considers them to be the best value.

Different from most mats, the standard grip Realike mats are transparent! Which may look different but provides better value if you think about it. You can use these mats for vinyl, papers, and also a wide range of other materials.

However, lots of crafters use various materials like paper, fabric, etc. Thus, different stickiness is necessary for different projects. That’s why Realike sells a variety of combo packs of different grip mats altogether at cheaper pricing!

But, storing the mats after use is a difficult task for most crafters. As dust and scrap paper might get stuck to the mat, ruining the mat. So, Realike provides you with a protective film covering on the cutting mat.

So, if taken proper care of, they will last a long time.


  • It comes with combo packs, lessening the overall cost
  • Transparent standard grip mats are available
  • Great buyer reviews
  • Easily cleaned, and stickiness doesn’t go away easily


  • A little bit smaller than Cricut brand mats.
  • Stickiness is different from most brands

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8. Cricut Mat for Vinyl | 6 * 12 | Standard Grip

Cricut Expression Machine Standard Grip Cutting Mat, 6' x 12', Green, 2 Count

If you use a Cricut Joy machine, then this is the most suitable choice for you.

Because of its lower price and easier mechanism, the Cricut Joy machine is considered the DIY best friend. But, Mats for Cricut joy is not so easily found like other machines. So, the Cricut brand mats are the perfect choice for users of Cricut joy.

Though these 6 * 12-inch size mats work best for Cricut joy, you can also use them for other machines too. Making it the best Cricut mat to use for vinyl.

But, one important thing for Cricut mats is how long the adhesiveness lasts. Well, as these are made by the Cricut brand, the adhesive quality is perfect for their machines. They last for a long time, and you can use them for at least 30-40 projects easily.

Considering the value, one might say that you shouldn’t expect anything more from scrapbook photo mats!


  • 6 * 12-inch size, easily usable for Cricut Joy
  • It lasts very long and sturdy
  • Adhesive quality is very good
  • It comes in packages of 2/4 with lesser pricing


  • Tougher to work with regular machines
  • Adhesive gets non-sticky easily

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9. Worklion Cricut Mat for Vinyl | 12 *12 Cutting Mat

WORKLION Cutting Mat 12x12 for Cricut: Cricut Explore One/Air/Air 2/Maker Gridded Adhesive Non-Slip Durable Mat for Sewing Quilting and Arts & Crafts Projects - Cutting Mat Set(Variety)

If you are on the edge of whether you should buy from brands other than name brands, then this mat might assure you. With its high quality and low price, Worklion is currently dominating the Cricut mat market.

These Worklion Cricut mats work perfectly with Cricut or other brand cutting machines. Their measured designs give them the upper hand to fit almost every machine on the market. Also, Worklion offers all sizes of Cricut mats for vinyl, lessening your struggle.

Although, the most important things to consider when buying Cricut mats are their adhesiveness and durability. That’s why Worklion mats shine bright! These mats are super-sticky and ultra-durable. So, you can use them for a long time and keep your projects running.

We all know that a cheaper replacement from the original brand-name mats is always better. Also, if the replacement works just as fine as the original brand, what’s more fun than that?

It says that you can use Worklion Cricut mats if you are looking for a better and cheaper replacement.


  • Accurately measured to fit every machine
  • The high-quality adhesive makes it super sticky
  • Good build quality and works for a long time
  • It comes with packs of different types and sizes


  • The tackiness of these boards are minimal
  • Adhesiveness on the bottom part gets washed away quicker than the rest

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10. Cricut Machine Basic Tool Set | Best Cricut Mat for Vinyl

Cricut Machine Basic Tools Set, 2 Pack 12x12 Cutting Mats and Beginner eGuide Bundle

Most beginners struggle to start working with just the Cricut machine because they make the mistake of not buying a basic toolset with it. If you are starting out or even a pro who needs a set of basic tools that come with cutting mats, then this package is suitable for you.

The Cricut machines come with only things that it needs to run. But to craft, you need some tools like a pair of scissors or some tweezers, etc. To be frank, a basic toolset is a must-have for any crafter.

Also, if you need only a few of these items, like a scraper and a cutting mat, you should buy this pack since they are cheaper to buy as a package and will come in handy for sure.

Cricut basic toolsets also come with Cricut explore mats, so if you have a cutting machine and materials, you can just buy this set and get going.

Without precise design, the craft never gets accurate enough. It just looks amateur and doesn’t let you see your full potential. So, why buy individual tools when you can get this whole set for a good price?


  • It comes with everything necessary to craft
  • Cheaper as a basic toolset
  • All items are made by Cricut themselves
  • Accurate designing becomes easier


  • Pricier than just a mat
  • Only 2 cutting mats come with the set

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Buying Guide to Cricut Mat for Vinyl

It is said that one craft can never have too many cutting mats! How true is that! You need to use these Cricut mats almost daily. So, buying Cricut mats is inevitable for a crafter. But most beginners make the mistake of buying mats that they won’t need.

There are four different types of Cricut mats according to their adhesiveness. Pink-colored Fabricgrip mats have the lightest adhesive and are used for materials such as Fabric or Bonded Fabric. Blue-colored LightGrip mats have a bit more stickiness. They might be used for paper, cardstock, or vinyl.

But, the most used mats are StandardGrip mats, Green in color, and have a strong adhesiveness. They are used with Cardstock, Iron-On, or Permanent Vinyl. At last, the StrongGrip purple cutting mat has the most amount of adhesive and are used for strong materials like leather.

Also, there are two sizes of mats available. 12*12 inches and 12* 24-inch mats are most common. On a bigger project, a 24-inch size gives you an upper hand. Consider this when buying a Cricut mat for vinyl.

So, you need to buy mats according to your crafting materials and size. Follow our Cricut mat for vinyl reviews to understand even more.

How to place vinyl on Cricut mat ?

Placing a vinyl on a Cricut mat is super easy. But, at first, you need to choose a type of Cricut mat.

As we know, vinyl can be used with light grip or standard grip mats, so if you’re using light removable vinyl, you have to use a light grip mat. But, if you’re using a permanent or Iron-on vinyl, you need to use a standard grip mat.

After this choosing process, put your sticky adhesive vinyl paper backing side down on the mat, so the colored side of the vinyl is facing up. Make sure there are no air bubbles left with a scraper or a credit card!

Also, you need to remember that when working with heat transfer vinyl, the shiny side of the material always goes face down for cutting.

Why won’t my Cricut load the mat?

First, you need to make sure that the machine roller is not damaged or uneven. Then, make sure a cartridge is loaded on the machine. Press unload and load again. If it still doesn’t work, make sure the mat is lined up to the grid marks and reset the machine.

If problems continue, contact the member care of Cricut.

How to make Cricut mat sticky again?

After working on a project, first, remove excess materials with tweezers. Then, to wash the mat, keep it flat on a firm surface and run lukewarm water over the mat. You can use a plastic brush to gently scrub the entire mat until it’s been cleaned.

After all, debris is cleaned, pat dry with a paper towel. After this cleaning process, you need to let the mat air dry for the stickiness to return.

But after several projects, you may need to use an adhesive spray on the mat to make it sticky again. You can find these sprays at any convenience store.


Many people say that Cricut mats are the secret ingredient to better crafts. We can’t agree more with this. Cricut cutting mats are one of the most important tools for a crafter.

But, a Cricut mat must provide you with the best value so that you can continue working for your passion for crafting. That’s why finding the perfect Cricut adhesive mat of your preference is necessary.

We are confident that if you came this far, you must know which is the best Cricut mat for vinyl by now.

Craft each day to keep the crazy away!

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