Best Embossing Powder Reviews

Best Embossing Powder Reviews

Embossing powder is a melting powder that is used in heat embossing. The powder is used on the paintings, arts and to draw different designs and shapes. Embossing is an amazing way to show your creativity.

 To add an extra glamour to the drawings, note cards, handmade books, and paintings there is no better option than best embossing powder. This gives an extra extra pizzazz to the paintings.

Getting an embossing powder in the near shop is not very tough. But are those worth the money and time? You have to make sure that the quality of the purchased embossing powder is good. So we are here to help you to find the right embossing powder.

#List of the Best Embossing Powder – Our Editor’s Pick:

Top 10 Best Embossing Powder Reviews

In this section, we will bring the top five embossing powder. They are the top in the market and have great quality at a very reasonable price. They have been listed on our top ten list considering the price, quantity and texture.

1. Ranger Embossing Powder | Finest Quality

Ranger Embossing Powder, .60 oz, White

Are you looking for high quality and easily attained various types of colors in the design? If yes, then have a look for Ranger embossing powder. Many professionals have been using Ranger powder for many years.

Ranger embossing powder has the right texture to give the paintings the perfect shine. One packet of the embossing powder contains a 1oz jar of powder. Different types of color is also available. So you can get the one that the project requires.

This powder is made in the USA. As we all know the USA never compromises the quality of their products. Ranger is ensuring a high-quality product. Which gives a guarantee to protect the colors and quality.

Another advantage of the superfine embossing powder is that the powders can be bought in different colors separately. So for spending less and getting exactly what you need then buy them separately.


  • Sold separately
  • High quality finishing
  • A bright white embossing
  • Made in the USA


  • Small size packaging
  • A little thick

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2. WOW Embossing Powder | Toxic Free

Wow Embossing Powder Large Jar 160ml-Clear Gloss

Who does not love to add a subtle layer of glow to their artwork! WOW embossing powder is a clear gloss powder. That will give the painting evenly detailed lines and perfect shape. The embossing powder is also able to give a transparent layer.

In order to get a transparent finishing, heat the layer after putting embossing powder with a brush on the painting. The colors and marks of the painting shine will be thoroughly visible.

For getting a different color, there is a simple solution. Add the mica with the powder to get the desired color. Moreover, the package size of WOW is just perfect. You can spend hours of art-making using this powder.

The powder is acid free and nontoxic which makes it safe to use. The shine of the paper stays safe. The best part is the color does not get yellow with time. The color and the shine last for a long time.


  • Acid-free and nontoxic
  • Safe for child
  • Applies evenly
  • Does not get yellow over time


  • Price is a bit high

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3. Ranger Embossing Powder | Melts Uniformly

Ranger Embossing Powder, 0.56 Ounce Jar, Super Fine Clear

If you are one of those who like clear and glossy look to their printing, it can be the one that you are looking for. For accentuating the details of every painting with the best white embossing powder, the model of Ranger will be a perfect choice.

Ranger embossing powder is the finest for precision line work and that is able to cling to the narrowest lines. And cover all the details. Some people have problems regarding the melting of embossing powder.

But powder from Ranger melts evenly. The powder melts uniformly and sticks to the painting. This will give refined finishes and the right color pop. The valuable painting will be safe by using it for coating.

The embossing glitter covers the inks and preserves the painting. And it is totally safe to use and nontoxic. Besides, when using the embossing powder in the painting the ink does not bleed with the heat.


  • Cover narrowest lines
  • Melts uniformly
  • Helps to preserve your valuable painting
  • Covers the ink


  • Only for art
  • Not suitable for nails

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4. Lindy’s Stamp Embossing Powder | Five colors

Lindy's embossing powder (autumn leaves set)

Lindy’s Stamp Embossing Powder is able to give all kind of finishes. This includes all the essential colors. It has glittery gold, glossy black and white, glossy blue powder. In total, they have total of five colors.

All of the colors are very beautiful and those are very vibrant that will make the painting look unique. The embossing powder adheres well to embossing ink. These are very easy to use. To work with them properly  no one needs to be an expert.

There will be a dramatic change to the painting after using these powders. This adds classy adornment to line work. Every area of the painting will be precisely covered evenly. Moreover, the powder for embossing is safe to use.

Using this powder is very easy. All you need to do is add it to the wet ink, and heat it. Then apply it on the paint and can notice how the painting is getting a magical look.


  • Easy to apply
  • Five different color
  • Glossy look
  • Dramatically change the painting


  • There is no white transparent clear powder
  • The heat gun is not included

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5. Ranger Embossing Powder | Black

Ranger Embossing Powder, .56 Ounce Jar, Super Fine Black

Getting a black embossing powder with the right texture is not easy. That is why in our next product we are introducing the best embossing Powder which is super fine black and has a great texture.

Many professionals have recommended the product. The desired result has been achieved using the powder by many professional printers. You can draw, write on paper, coat using it.

Ranger embossing powder provides a clear detailed image which gives a crisp edge. This is excellent to use and very nicely set on the painting. Take off the extra particle for getting the perfect result. For having a sharp image, it would be the right one.

Ranger embossing powder is perfect for detailed paintings. The fine black color is very unique and available in single jar of the embossing powder. You can create elegant looking arts and design with this ultra-fine embossing powder.


  • Low cost
  • Provides crisp edge
  • Very detailed finishing


  • Have to take off the extra particle
  • Can be sticky

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6. WOW Embossing Powder | Full Coverage

Wow Embossing Powder WOW Embossing Powder, 15ml, Opaque Bright White

Who does not like to have the best embossing powder brands? WOW embossing powder would be a great choice which is from a reupdated brand. You can get a nice subtle finish with this white bright powder. Embossing powder reviews is the right place to know about the right product.

After applying the embossing powder, the art will get a look like PVC. This will give embossed results in the photo. The paintings will have great coverage with the powder. WOW embossing powder is not like other powders that leave holes visible even in the naked eye.

For having the smoothest and shiniest finishing, WOW would be a great choice. The layer is thicker too. Besides, it is not sticky so there will be no mess while using it. The powder is a great choice for beginners. Because it  is very simple and easy to use.

As the product is manufactured in USA, do not need to worry about the quality. It is a top notch powder at a very reasonable price which makes it the best heat embossing powder you will ever come across.


  • Does not leave any hole
  • Provides shine
  • High quality
  • No mess while working


  • Small in size
  • One single color

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7. Ranger Embossing Powder | Acid Free

Ranger Rose Gold Metallic Embossing Powder

Getting the perfect rose gold embossing powder is not easy. After a lot of research Ranger has brought a perfect rose gold powder that will take the painting to another dimension. This is a perfect set of powder for professional use.

Ranger embossing powder will add the art to an extraordinary embellishment. You can introduce an extra layer to the painting. The rose gold will give a new look to the art. The model of Ranger gives a smooth finish. The glitters do not leave any uneven surface.

Once using the best embossing powder for polymer clay the difference will be noticeable.the pigmentation is very high. The powder can be used on a mug, glass, mirror, and on other surfaces.

The color of the embossing powder pops up very nicely. The color looks great on the black, grey, and black surface. The quality is very great. And you can use it for a long time, and preserve at home.


  • Unique color
  • Set nicely on any surface
  • Long lasting powder
  • Matte finishing


  • The box is not strong
  • Not shining finish

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8. WOW Embossing Powder | Sparkling

Wow! Sparkle Bundle - Embossing Powders 4 (15ml) Jars Metallic Gold Sparkle, Metallic Copper Sparkle, Pearl Gold Sparkle and Metallic Silver Sparkle (Gold, Silver)

If you are starting to use embossing powder for different DIY projects or art and really eager to experience different coloring powder, you will need various options. The set of WOW embossing will give 4 different color options.

WOW is the best embossing powder brand for beginners. There will be 4 eye popping colors including two different shades of sparkling gold. And another two colors are metallic copper and metallic silver.

Showing the creativity and playing with the sparking glitters, WOW embossing powder is the right option. The powder gives a glossy finish to the drawings. You can experiment by using this as a layer on the painting. All of the colors are very vibrant.

Finding such a combination of sparkle and metallic in a single embossing powder is not easy. The proper way to do this is add it to wet ink and let it dry. And then the powder will start to show its power.


  • Sparkle and metallic powder
  • Four eye popping color
  • Reasonable price
  • Less wastage


  • Jars are small in size

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9. Ranger Embossing Powder | Great Quality

Ranger Blush Pearl Embossing Powder, Pink

Ranger is a popular brand among artists. Those who love glittering powder select that brand over others. There is no question about the quality of the product. The embossing powder is the best gold embossing powder among the related categories.

The color is blush pearl which can be hardly find in the market. The color and the quality of the products will not be different from the product they advertised. A nice light pink shade will let bring color to the canvas.

The unique blush pearl color goes with many party themes as well. You cannot find such perfect color anywhere else. Ranger powder is not patchy and set perfectly on every kind of paper.

The powder can be used for derivative purposes. This also can be used for decorating an event’s poster and it looks great on black background. The color also pops up nicely on dark green and navy blue surface.

Ranger provides their products very carefully. So they delivered the product in double layered packaging. You can make greeting cards, art, and other things using the embossing powder. This color is very rare.


  • Nice blush pink
  • Can be used for many purposes
  • Safe delivery
  • Perfect quality


  • Does not include different variety of colors
  • High price

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10. Ranger Embossing Powder | Perfect Color

Ranger Embossing Powder, 0.5-Ounce Jar, Super Fine Copper

There is some color of embossing powder that goes with every background. Copper is one of these colors. But getting the perfect copper color is not easy. Ranger has brought the finest copper color.

The color is neither too light nor too dark which makes it just perfect. Every detail of the painting will be clearly visible. The painting will look a lot better once apply the powder to the art.

The copper color can be interpreted as Rose Gold as well which is able to bring life to any painting. The powder set perfectly on any surface.

A glossy finish and a clearer result will be come using the embossing powder. Besides, it takes very less time to completely dry. So you do not wait for a long time to let it dry. The price is not too high. Ranger is the quality product with the perfect color at a great price.


  • Perfect copper color
  • Set quickly on any surface
  • Clean painting


  • May find it hard to manage at the beginning
  • Small in size

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Things to Consider Before Buying Embossing Powder


By now you are probably getting ready to buy an embossing powder for artwork. But still having trouble about what powder will suit the work the most and give an amazing experience? Here we will provide some buying guides that will help to make the right purchase.

  • Price

Price is an important factor. Most of the embossing powder is available at a reasonable price. You do not need to spend more to get a high quality embossing powder. Get the perfect quality at a reasonable price. It is wise to look at the size and weight of the embossing powder. That will help to compare the price more accurately. Most of the embossing powder is almost the same in price. The difference is very low.

  • Beginner or Professional

If you are a beginner and eager to learn using embossing powder, choose a powder that is not pricy and easy to use. Have colorful powders because these are fun to work with. And for  professionals, select a more expensive powder. That will give the work a more professional look. So according to the level of expertise, choose the embossing powder that matches the work most.

  • Color

There are many colors available in the market. From clear white transparent embossing powder to different colors such as glittery blue, green, red, gold, silver, etc are available in the market. Purchase the color that you need to complete the painting. Moreover, Embossing glitters can be bought separately and also in a set where different colors are available. So according to the needs, select the right color and shade.

How to Use Embossing Powder?

As there are different types of embossing powder, the uses are also different. It requires to follow different ways to use transparent powder and glitter embossing powder. For using clear powder, at first take an amount of powder. For adding color to it, add mica powder. After that apply it to the favorite art and use a heat gun to get it set properly. Clear powders have color flexibility. Creating your own color is also possible in that way.

You can also use different types of ink to set the embossing powder. Pigment ink works perfectly in that case. Apply the ink on the part you want to emboss, then lightly press the glitters on the ink. Wait for a few minutes and use a heat gun to melt the glitters and the art is ready. This is very simple, right? Just be patient with the powder. Do not rush while using the glitter powders.

How to Use Embossing Powder

How does embossing powder work?  

Embossing powder is known as the first melting powder. This is mostly used in heat embossing. The powder is sprinkled on the canvas or on the particular area that needed to be covered and then these are melted using the heat gun. Heat embossing is a technique that helps to make a pattern using embossing ink, stamp, embossing powder.

So draw the pattern on the paper using embossing ink. Then apply the favorite color on the ink gently. Using a heat gun on the glitter will let the glitters melt. After melting, the powder will finally set on the surface properly.

How does embossing powder work

How to use embossing powder without a heat gun?

The embossing powder can be used without a heat gun as well. Sometimes buying a heat gun may seem a bit costly. If you are using the embossing powder for the first time, it is very normal that you won’t want to spend a lot of money on this. But don’t worry there are other solutions.

So there are alternatives to a heat gun. First melt the embossing powder using some equipment that every household has. Use the stove or an electric toaster to melt the powder. And control the heat and set the proper temperature.

Hair dryers can also be used to melt the glitters. These are very easy to use. Set the heat of the hairdryer to hot. This will work just like a heat gun. But the hairdryer has to provide enough heat.

Iron or curling iron is another solution. The process works surprisingly amazing and lets the embossing powder melt perfectly. If the embossing powder is not melting in a few minutes, that means the heat is low. Then take the paper close to the heater.

How to use embossing powder without a heat gun

Best ink for embossing

You need ink to set the embossing powder. No matter how better the quality of the powder is, if the ink is not good, it is hard to get a proper result. Ensure to purchase the best ink for embossing. You can easily get good quality ink by doing some research. Go through the customer reviews for getting honest answers. There are some famous brands that have been in the market for a long time. Pigment ink, archival ink, stamp ink, etc are the best options. These provide an amazing result.

Best ink for embossing

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Final Words

Embossing is a great thing to show the creativity. This can be used in the free time to decorate mugs or to do some artwork and greeting cards. There are different uses of embossing powder. An artist is providing a lot of time and energy to make art with embossing powder, if the quality of the powder is not good the whole work will be wasted.

So make sure to buy the best embossing powder. We have provided top products. By using this you can create outstanding paintings.

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