How to Clean Printer Cartridge

How to Clean Printer Cartridge [4 Easy Solutions]

While printing, you may see white lines coming out instead of any specific color. You may think that there is empty ink for some particular color. All of us go for changing or replacing ink cartridges and then continue our work. Most of us do not think that there can be other problem that restricts printing on a specific color.

Yes, the ink cartridge printhead nozzle can be clogged somehow. If that happens, that color cannot appear while printing, even if there is still some ink left in that cartridge. It happens due to the drying ink, basically. If you instantly replace your ink cartridge for the printing problem leaving some ink, it will waste. So, you should know how to clean printer cartridges and make ready the cartridges to print.

Methods to Clean Printer Cartridges

There are four basic techniques to solve the problem regarding printer cartridges. You can clean the printer cartridges through the self-cleaning mechanism of the printer and some manual cartridge cleaning methods. Let’s know the systems well and use one way to get a clean cartridge in a short time.

Method-1: Self-cleaning Mechanism of the Printer

This method the easiest system, and this method works only when the ink cartridges are lightly clogged. If the cartridges have strong clogging, this method may not work. But you can try this method at first and then go for the nest method while it is not enough.

How to Clean Printer Cartridge

This method varies depending on the printers and also printer brands. Some printers have a button naming “Self-Cleaning Mechanism.” You just have to tap on the button.

Some printers’ Self-cleaning mechanism works through the command of this printer software. You have to enter “Control Panel” and find the “Printers” option. Under the printer option, you will see the name of several printers, and you have to select your printer. You will see the “Properties” option, and you will get the “self-cleaning mechanism” option here. Click on it and run the mechanism to clean your ink cartridges.

Method-2: Pushing Air Through the Ink Channels

The printer cleans the cartridge in the self-cleaning mechanism by pushing some air through the cartridge channels. If you move some more air, it may clean it properly. For this process, you have to collect a pope with a diameter that exactly matches the diameter of the printer ink cartridge channels.

how to unblock inkjet printer nozzles

Attach one side of the pipe to the nozzles and another side of the tube to a vacuum cleaner. Now you can push air to the ink cartridge to get clogged ink out or suck air. You should not push lots of air to the cartridges because this channel is not so vital to have so much pressure on it. Be soft and gentle while doing this process.

Method-3: Dissolve Ink with Isopropyl alcohol

Dissolving dry ink from the clogged cartridge is the idea to clean it. In this process, you have to use isopropyl alcohol to clean the cartridge’s dry ink. Why isopropyl alcohol? There is a sponge-like element at one side of the cartridge line. It allows the cartridge to deliver ink properly. If you wash the cartridge with water, this sponge may get dissolved as it dissolves very quickly. The ultimate solution is isopropyl alcohol.

Dissolve Ink with Isopropyl alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is not enough to dissolve the sponge but can clean the cartridge and the ink that dried between the sponge. So, it is safe to use isopropyl alcohol to clean the cartridge. Enter the isopropyl alcohol using a syringe or dropper. Put the alcohol very carefully and gently. Do not push it; instead, enter softly. Inject enough amount of alcohol to dissolve the dried ink. This method is an efficient method to clean canon printer inkjet cartridge, Epson printer inkjet cartridge, and also HP printer cartridge.

Method-4: Soaking Process

The most effective method to clean the printer cartridges is the soaking of a cartridge into water. Follow the steps to perform the process carefully.

Step-1: First, detach and remove the blocked printer cartridge heads from the printer and keep them on soft tissue paper. You have to be cautious enough while handling the printer cartridges as those susceptible to break for the hard touch.

Step-2: Now, take a thin plastic pan and cover the surface with a soft cotton cloth or soft paper towel. Then heat some purified or distilled water so that the water is not very hot but only lukewarm. Mix ammonia with the filtered water maintaining a 1:1 ratio of water and ammonia. Pour the mixture into the plastic pan up to half an inch in height.

how to clean printer cartridge head

Step-3: Now, place the clogged printer cartridge heads to the pan gently. Move them from one place to another inside the pan within one- or two-minutes intervals. After passing some time, you will some bred inks have been out from the print heads. You can be sure that the clogged ink has been washed out to the water mixture when you see it. This means that the clogged ink has been cleaned.

This method is the best method of all. When no above way worked, you can use this soaking method and get clean cartridges.

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The printer ink cartridges get clogged easily as the ink dried up in a short time. If you do not use the printer for a month, the ink will dry quickly. Yes, if you do not use the printer regularly and there is no ink flow between the cartridge, the ink dries fast. So, for the small printing business that uses printers regularly, the blocked cartridge problem is less than for the occasional printer user.

But the problem can arise for all the printers too. So, you should know how to clean the printer cartridge. When you see the white lines, you can use any method to clean your ink cartridges. Though the soaking process is the most efficient, you should not try this method at first. Try other ways to clean, and if those do not work, use the soaking process.

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