How to Use Sticker Paper

How to Use Sticker Paper

Sticker paper is incredibly amazing to fulfill the demand to decorate cars, walls, door jambs, etc. They are perfect for creating instructional messages to stick them as signs. You can also make sticker labels to make the logo, address, phone number, etc. so, if you know how to use sticker paper, you can meet lots of your demands.

When you know the sticker paper making, you can customize them as your interests. You do not have to order and spend money on it. The sticker has a longer life and can be worry-free by using them for any purpose. So, have this incredible chance to know the detail of sticker paper here.

Methods to Use Sticker Paper

To make a sticker paper, you have to follow some simple and easy steps and get your sticker ready in a short time. So, follow the steps below.

Step-1: Get the Printer

At first, you have to get a printer that supports stickers or label paper. Most of the printers in the market help the printable sticker paper.

How to Use Sticker Paper

Step-2: Make a Design

If you are an expert crafter or professional designer, it will be easy to create an excellent design. You also can seek help from the software that offers many designs, and you can download any design and modify then in the editing software or by a word processor. There is much software that provides designs for free. The design can have texts or a graphical colored design or images or both the image and text.

how to use sticker paper on cricut

Step-3: Set the Settings

Before going for printing, adjust the color, effects, size, resolution, alignment, etc. You can use software that can modify the design or image. Set the high resolution so that you can get the best graphical presentation on the printed copy.

Set the settings of the printer from the print preferences or print properties. Then go for the printing process.

Step-4: Print Test

If you wrongly place the design or make some mistakes while loading the paper to the printer. There can be mistakes in the alignment or angle settings. So, you should do a test print to confirm that the printing is going on correctly. It will prevent errors from occurring.

how to use sticker paper in printer

To run the test, use plain blank paper. Print the design and check where the design is printed. Find out if the design is correctly placed and if the color and other properties are okay. If it is fine, then start your sticker printing.

Step-5: Print

Load the sticker paper or sticker label paper to the printer feeder. Tap on the option “Print” after confirming all the settings. After printing, you should keep the stickers on a flat surface for a while to dry them up and set the design.

Step-6: Trim

You have to cut the sticker paper to the edges of the design as you want to set it. Trim the sticker and remove the unwanted borders or margins.

how to use sticker paper with cricut

Now your sticker is ready to use for any place. Open up the cover from the adhesive side of the sticker and place it correctly on the surface where you want. Make sure there is no bubble inside it. Tap on the paper so that it precisely stuck to the surface.

Sticker Papers Types

The inkjet sticker paper is also known as the self-adhesive inkjet vinyl sticker paper. These papers open a way for craft lovers or professionals to do some fantastic crafty works. But for printing and making sticker papers, you have to know and understand different kinds of sticker papers for printer well. So, let them know and get them to work.

  • Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers are affordable to get, and you can print and use them at your home easily. They can be a great addition to make labels for bumper stickers. If the printer ink color is not durable enough, the stickers may get fade after passing a couple of months. You can laminate or coat them to increase longevity. The adhesive side of the vinyl is supportive of use on any flat surfaces for a long. You can use them as long as you want.

Sticker Papers Type

  • Clear Finish Stickers

These sticker papers are amazingly used to keep sticking inside the door or windows. Make sure that you print the mirror image so that the text is correctly seen from the outside. You can also print images or photos to use as a book cover or front cover. These papers are ideal to use on machine panels, signs, instruction, etc. You have to glue their backside and then stick to the surface you want.

waterproof sticker paper

  • Matte Finish Stickers

Matte finish stickers do not glaze and input and show the texts or image. You can create fantastic car stickers, plane or train stickers, and also model automobile stickers. The flat and thin feature of this sticker allows use as packaging for bottles or containers. You have to cut them to an accurate size and glued them to one side. Then they are ready to stick. But to use them for long, you have to laminate them or coat them with lacquer.

what kind of paper is sticker paper

  • Glossy Sticker Paper

Glossy papers make a shiny effect perfect for decorating a laptop or mobile cover. So, you can make some effects or fantasy to your portable set by customizing the glossy paper and turn them into lovely stickers. You can decorate your favorite book cover or album by sticking this sticker and make a lustrous look of the book. These stickers are also helpful for kitchen and bathroom decoration, but you have to laminate or coat with lacquer not to damage the stickers.

glossy sticker paper

These stickers are ideal for decorating children’s rooms with glossy images or arts. Children will have fun and enjoy the look of the room.

Tips for Using Sticker Paper

Maintain some instructions and use the sticker paper for a long.

  • You can cut the sticker or labels before printing if you make some stickers with instruction texts or pre-designed images. Otherwise, you can cut the stickers after printing. If you have to trim the stickers to an extended straight cut or square cut, or rectangular cut, you can do it by hand knife. But you have to be careful while doing it by hand. When you have to cut in detail, you should use a Cricut machine for the best accuracy.
  • For making the ink of text or image durable, you have to use the pigment ink printer. The pigment ink is more durable and water-resistant than dye-based ink. You also can make a coating with lacquer to protect the sticker from dust, water, or fingertips.
  • You must use the inkjet sticker paper for the inkjet printer and laser stickers for the laser printer. Inkjet stickers melt when you use them in the laser printer.


Stickers are not only fun but also are helpful and essential for many important works. The most important is the sticker labels. You will need them almost everywhere from your kitchen, bathroom, office room, to the cars. If you know how to use sticker paper wisely, you will cut the cost of making them by the professionals and customize them as you like.

So, follow the steps mentioned above and tips and create your necessary sticker at home with your printer.

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