Scalable Press vs Printful

Scalable Press vs Printful – What’s the Difference?

In the world of on-demand printing, Printful is a well-recognized name among many small businesses. Their quality print, wide range of e-commerce integration, wide product range, cost-efficient shipping, convenient user experience, etc. make Printful the leading printing POD company in the industry.

Still for some reasons and convenience, many people look for a better alternative. Scalable is one of the oldest players in this game that is providing very good support to the small businesses regarding their custom printing service.

When it comes to Scalable press vs Printful, you need to consider some aspects of both these companies before finalizing your decision.

Scalable Press vs Printful — Factors Compared

To help you decide which company you give all your occasional, regular, and bulk orders, I have listed the top 5 factors to provide you with pretty much everything about them.

i. Suppliers

As far as Printful is concerned, they have in-house arrangement for on-demand printings. This allows the customers to correct issues if anything goes wrong such as color vibrancy or misalignment.

Similar to the Printful, Scalable also has their in-house printing press. So, you can address any issues directly, rather than wasting time to contact third-party suppliers. Also, it reduces the overall delivery time; thus, you can quickly make the products online and start selling and making money out of them.

As being one of the oldest printing press companies, you can rest assured about the quality. Their experience tells a lot about their quality of printing and handling the customers well.

ii. Lead Time

If you are new in this business, this term might not seem familiar to you. It refers to how many days it takes to ship the products after receiving the order.

Compared to Printful, Scalable doesn’t seem to manage the shipping that well. Printful takes at least 3 days to ship products. Whereas, Scalable takes 5 days in most cases.

iii. Order Fulfillment

For running online businesses, the production time is no less important than where the products are being produced.

Order fulfillment facility is pretty fast in Printful as they don’t rely on third-parties for production. If your products are mostly sold in the USA and Europe, Printful order fulfillment will be much convenient for you.

Scalable, on the other hand, has several fulfillment facilities across the USA; they also have printing facilities in Europe, Latin America, and Africa. So, you can sell faster through Scalable not only in the USA, but also in other regions.

iv. Integration

No matter how impressive and high-quality designs your products have, if you don’t be able to present them in front of the potential customers online, then it won’t be worth doing the business.

Therefore, you need to make sure the printing support company also offers integration with the most popular and common e-commerce websites.

Printful allows you to integrate your online store on Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, WooCommerce, and many other popular sites.

With instant Shopify integration, Scalable also offers wide integration support on high-traffic e-commerce sites for your online store. However, to introduce your products on Amazon, Esty, and WooCommerce, you will have to place orders manually. You might need to create lists manually for unsupported sites.

v. Printing Options


Whether it’s direct-garment, cut and sew, embroidery, and sublimation printing, Printful seems to be leading the race.

When it comes to Scalable, they offer more than 100 of different garments options, various household and commercial non-apparel products, DTG or screen printing for your convenience.

vi. Pricing

As Printful’s printing quality and services are really good, compared to other printing businesses, it costs a bit more. The price range starts from $8.95 for a t-shirt.

Although Scalable costs more than Printful, which is $11.16, if you order for bulk production, you will get a huge price cut from the company. For this reason, online stores consider getting services from Scalable for bulk production. Compared to other alternatives, the bulk price is pretty much unbeatable.

 Advantages of Printful

  • In-house fulfillment ensures quality control
  • Worldwide shipping, faster shipping in US and Europe
  • Easy to use website user interface
  • Multi-currency support
  • High-quality prints
  • Over 200 products

 Disadvantages of Printful

  • Relatively slow shipment
  • Limited branding options
  • Limited integration support

 Advantages of Scalable

  • Great integration support
  • In-house fulfillment in USA, Europe, Latin America, and Africa
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Higher turnover time
  • Thousands of products are available
  • Best pricing for bulk orders
  • Screen or DTG printing

 Disadvantages of Scalable

  • Slow shipping time
  • Pricing is high for less quantity orders

Final Words

Online businesses want to make sure cost efficiency, better quality, and services all at the same time to grow and penetrate the marketplaces. Although Scalable and Printful are pretty much the same when it comes to printing quality, there are some benefits that give upper hand them both over one another.

My final thoughts regarding Scalable press vs Printful is that, if you order for bulk, Scalable is the one to choose. They have great integration support for your business as well. However, for cost efficiency and quality, Printful has the upperhand for non-bulk orders.

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